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Mathematics and Further Maths *FEES PAYABLE* at Clifton College

Course description

Mathematics is available at both AS and A2 levels. In addition, Mathematics and Further Mathematics may be studied together (the “Double Maths” course). Pupils of Double Mathematics combine AS and A2 modules throughout the Lower and Upper Sixth and finish with two A-levels, one in Mathematics and one in Further Mathematics. Pupils can only follow a Mathematics course if they have the ability and interest to do so. As there is a significant step up from GCSE/IGCSE to A level we expect all single A level Mathematics students to be of at least A grade standard at GCSE/IGCSE entry.

There are many good reasons for studying Mathematics after the age of 16. Government reports on education recommend that pupils should study Mathematics for as long and to as high a level as possible, and many other countries insist on the subject being followed until the end of schooling.

All students in the Sixth Form are offered the opportunity to enter the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior Mathematics Challenge, a multiple choice problem-solving competition. Most find this to be an enjoyable experience and some score well receiving Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates for their efforts. At the very top end, a handful of students will qualify or volunteer for the first round of the British Mathematical Olympiad. Students who wish to apply for Oxbridge degrees in Mathematics or related subjects are prepared for interview and/or STEP papers by sessions with similar students from other Bristol schools. They are also joined by anyone keen to take Mathematics beyond A-Level and develop their approach to problem-solving.

Course content

AS and single A-level Mathematics

This modular Mathematics course follows the national pattern of three modules for an AS and a further three for the A2. It is a consistently popular subject at Clifton with approximately half the Sixth Form following the courses.

Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Mathematics and Further Mathematics must be taken together, and use two option blocks, apart from exceptional cases. Further is particularly appropriate for those who have already made up their minds to read Mathematics, Engineering or Physics at university. All prospective candidates for Oxford and Cambridge who intend to read a subject with a significant mathematical content should do Further Mathematics if they are capable of the extra work. This advice is based on recent experience of those who have achieved entry.

Pupils taking Further Mathematics will normally do four full A-levels. Entry to the course is restricted to those with several A* grades at GCSE, including Mathematics, and usually a high pass in Additional Mathematics or high scores in early AS modules as well. Further Mathematics is one of the most demanding courses available at A level and we carefully consider each candidate before accepting them on to the course. A pupil following this course must have the academic stamina to sustain it, whilst at the same time sharing in the full life that Clifton has to offer.

Further Mathematics AS Level This option is available to very good Mathematics A Level students. Such pupils will be in an accelerated set, and will study and possibly sit Core 3 in the Lower Sixth, and then pick up FP1, D1 and S2 or M2 in the Upper Sixth to complete the AS.



AS Modules

C1 - Pure Mathematics - 1 hour 30 minutes, 33.3% of AS, 16.7% of A Level

C2 - Pure Mathematics - 1 hour 30 minutes, 33.3% of AS, 16.7% of A Level

One Applied Module - 1 hour 30 minutes, 33.3% of AS, 16.7% of A Level

A2 Modules

C3 - Pure Mathematics - 1 hour 30 minutes,16.7% of A Level

C4 - Pure Mathematics - 1 hour 30 minutes,16.7% of A Level

One Applied Module - 1 hour 30 minutes, 16.7% of A Level

(Available Applied Modules are M1, S1, D1, S2 and M2)



Pupils will sit all the Single A level Modules in the Lower Sixth and in addition the modules below. Some of these may also be studied and possibly examined in the Lower Sixth.

AS Module

FP1 - Pure Mathematics - 1hour 30 minutes, 33.3% of AS, 16.7% of A Level

A2 Modules

FP2 - Pure Mathematics - 1hour 30 minutes, 16.7% of A Level

FP3 - Pure Mathematics - 1hour 30 minutes, 16.7% of A Level

One Applied Module - 1hour 30 minutes, 16.7% of A Level

One Applied Module - 1hour 30 minutes, 16.7% of A Level

One Applied Module - 1hour 30 minutes, 16.7% of A Level

(The 5 Applied Modules studied will be M1, M2, M3 or S1 and S2, and possibly D1)

It is possible to combine the Applied Modules in different ways to maximise the final grades.

Future opportunities

Naturally those wishing to go into further education to read Mathematics, Engineering or Physics should study Mathematics as an A-level course. Even the prospect of a relatively low grade in Mathematics will not necessarily impose a restriction on the choice of an Engineering course. Degree courses in Economics and Chemistry and related courses usually contain a significant mathematical component. Those going on to study Medicine, Biological Sciences and the Social Sciences will have to undertake further mathematical training at some stage, if not at Clifton, and this is no small undertaking for a pupil who has not studied the subject for two or three years.

The excellence of Mathematics as an academic discipline should not be ignored; graduates in the subject are in high demand. The shortage of Mathematics graduates is now so marked that pupils who enjoy the subject and who have a reasonable degree of competence will find it considerably easier to get a university place in Mathematics than in some other subjects. They will at the same time have the pleasure of studying in depth a subject that ranges as a discipline from the abstract regions of pure creative thought on the one hand, to the most concrete of practical application on the other.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Clifton College directly.

Last updated date: 02 June 2015
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  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 or 2 years


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