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Geography AS/A2 Level at Nicholas Hamond Academy

Course description


This is an excellent course for students who want to investigate global issues and understand how the World works. The course covers both physical and human geography looking at the traditional topics such as tectonic processes as well as more contemporary issues such as conflict. There is a fieldwork aspect in Year 12 and 13 which allows students to experience first-hand the units covered in the classroom.

Course content


There are 4 units of study. GEOG1 and GEOG2 are covered in year 12, GEOG 3 and GEOG4 in year 13.

GEOG1- Aspects of Human and Physical Geography. Students choose from units in population change; food supply issues; energy issues; health issues; cold environments; rivers, floods and management; hot environments and coastal environments.

GEOG2- Skills in Geography- the use of statistics in Geography and their application to fieldwork.

GEOG3- Contemporary issues in geography. Topics include development & globalisation; world cities; contemporary conflict and challenges; plate tectonics and associated hazards; weather & climate and associated hazards; and ecosystems- challenge and change.

GEO4A- Fieldwork and Investigation skills. This enables students to choose a piece of fieldwork which can then be carried out and analysed in class. The exam tests the students understanding of the processes involved and the results obtained.

Entry requirements


Minimum of grade C (from a higher paper) at GCSE Geography, as well as a C grade or higher in English and Maths.



Year AS Assessment

GEOG1: 2 hour written examination worth 35% of the A Levelmarks. Structured short answer and extended questions.

GEOG2: 1 hour written examination worth 15% of the A Level. Structured skills and generic fieldwork questions.

Year A2 Assessment

GEOG3: 2hour 30 minute written examination worth 30% of the A Level. Structured short and extended questions, plus an essay question worth 40 marks.

GEO4A: 1 hour 30 minute written examination worth 20%. Structured short and extended questions based on candidates own fieldwork investigation and fieldwork skills.

Future opportunities

Geography provides students with many essential skills; such as communication, teamwork, self-management, problem solving and independent study, which are necessary in many careers and courses.

Although many Geography students choose to continue their studies at university, there are a growing number of geographical based careers that Geographers may choose- from teaching, hazard management, tourism, environmental monitoring, recycling, energy production, and more!

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Nicholas Hamond Academy directly.

Last updated date: 11 May 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years