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History A Level at Bury St Edmunds County Upper School

Course description

More than most other subjects, History can claim to give students both social and academic benefits. History enjoys a very high status with employers and universities. Careers in archaeology, law, teaching and journalism are always possibilities.

Course content

History A Level is comprised of three units. Students will cover parts of history in Britain and study the wider world. This specification also offers students the chance to study any period of time that interests them.

The Breadth Study course considers Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy in the years 1603-1702. The period covers the establishment of the Stuart dynasty, the events of the civil war, the Restoration and finally the establishment of the ‘Glorious Revolution’. It explores how and why the role and status of the monarchy changed , as well as the impact it had. The unit also covers the religious divisions that emerged in the period and the importance of ideas and ideology.

The Depth Study
provides the opportunity to study a period of major change, focusing on key ideas, events and developments. The subject of the unit is France in Revolution, 1774–1815. Students will explore content such as the causes of the French Revolution, France’s experiments with a constitutional monarchy and the
emergence of the reign of terror. Students will then move on to look at the Directory and Napoleon’s rise to power and his impact on Europe.

The Historical Investigation is a piece assessed through coursework. Students follow a taught course on American Civil Rights.

Entry requirements

Students  who  wish  to  study  GCE  Advanced  level  courses  are  required  to  have  passed  at  least  five  GCSE  or  equivalent  level  two  courses  at  grades  5-9  including  a  minimum  of  grade 5 in the subjects they wish to study.  Most students attempting A level courses will have  more  than  this  minimum. Students who wish to study History will require at least a grade ‘B’ in History. Any student who has not studied History GCSE will need to consult with the Head of Faculty before opting to study History in Year 12.


Breadth Study

The study of significant historical developments over a period of around 100 years
and associated interpretations

2 hours 30 minutes written exam
three questions (one compulsory)
80 marks
40% of A-level
Two sections
Section A – one compulsory question linked to historical interpretations (30 marks)
Section B – two from four essays (2 x 25 marks)
Depth Study
The study in depth of a period of major historical change or development and associated primary evidence
2 hours 30 minutes written exam three questions (one compulsory)
80 marks
40% of A-level
Two sections
Section A – one compulsory
question linked to primary sources
or sources contemporary to the
period (30 marks)
Section B – two from three essays
(2 x 25 marks)
Historical Investigation
A personal study based on a topic of student's choice
3000-3500 words
40 marks
20% of A-level
Set by the student
Marked by teachers
Moderated by AQA

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bury St Edmunds County Upper School directly.

Last updated date: 12 January 2018
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