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Product Design: Resistant Materials Technology AS/A Level at Wymondham College

Course description

This qualification emphasises two key factors: creativity and sustainability. Students are encouraged to develop the skills to explore ideas of originality and value, to question and challenge, to envisage what could be created, and to become designers.

The Product Design A-level course offers two pathways, Resistant Materials Technology and Graphic Products, each with its own specific content. 

The structures of the courses differ greatly in materials used, industry processes and product outcomes.

Students must choose between Graphic Products or Resistant Materials. They cannot take both.

Course content

AS Level

  • UNIT 1: PORTFOLIO OF CREATIVE SKILLS (COURSEWORK) The portfolio of creative skills is divided into three distinct sections; Product Investigation, Product Design and Product Manufacture. In their product investigation students will critically analyse a product. Within product design, students can respond creatively and adventurously to a design brief. In their product manufacture, students should produce one or more high quality product(s). This will allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a range of materials, techniques and processes by selecting and using those that are appropriate to the requirements of the task.
  • UNIT 2: DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY IN PRACTICE (EXAMINATION) In this examination, students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and processes.

A Level

  • UNIT 3: DESIGNING FOR THE FUTURE (COURSEWORK) Students will adopt a commercial design approach to the development of a product. Students have the opportunity to design and make a product of their choice, in a real life situation. They will also study the external factors of the subject such as the impacts of industry, manufacture and environment.
  • UNIT 4: COMMERCIAL DESIGN (EXAMINATION) In this unit, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of modern design and manufacturing practices and contemporary design issues.


Entry requirements

Relevant Technology Subject, Grade B.


AS Level: Coursework 30% / Examination 20%

A- Level: Coursework 30% / Examination 20%

Future opportunities

Design and Technology is a diverse subject linking many core elements including Science & Mathematics. It encourages the development of problem solving skills and analytical thought.

Students will learn how modern industries function, via educational trips, so that learning continues and expands outside the classroom.

This is a course that is recognised by all universities and is ideally suited for a student who is looking for a career in the design industry. It also compliments Physics and Mathematics if a student wanted a career in Engineering.

Specific careers include product design, interior design, animation, model making, architecture and automotive design.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wymondham College directly.

Last updated date: 27 May 2016

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