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Spanish A Level at Raynes Park High School

Course description

The ability to speak a Modern Foreign Language is a key skill in a world where business and communications are now conducted globally, and in which 75% of people speak no English at all. An ever- increasing number of institutions in the public and private sectors, education and business now favour a working knowledge of another language. It is beneficial as a means of advancing career prospects: those who can speak a foreign language earn on average 8% more and are far more likely to gain employment, as employers seek to hire staff with language qualifications and competence.

There are many benefits to being able to speak in a foreign language.  It enables people to achieve success in work not just abroad, but also in the UK; communicate effectively when travelling or dealing with people from around the world; appreciate the culture, civilisation and history of other communities. Learning a language helps to develop sought-after skills such as communication, presentation, organisation, problem-solving and independence. A modern language equips students with a strong and flexible mind, a sound knowledge of their own grammar and vocabulary and the ability to transfer such knowledge to new contexts. The sense of satisfaction in communicating successfully in a different tongue is second to none.

Course content

Listening, speaking reading and writing are assessed through the understanding and knowledge of the following key topics:

AS / Year 1

Theme 1 – Social issues and trends: Evolving society in Spain. Changing family structures - evolving attitudes to marriage, relationships and families.

Impact of tourism - economic impact; opportunities offered by tourism.

Environmental and social impact. The world of work - working life and attitudes to work; gender equality; opportunities for young people.

Theme 2 – Political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture in the

Spanish speaking world. Music – changes and trends; impact of music on contemporary culture. Media - print and online media; impact on society and politics; television and telenovelas.

Festivals and traditions – festivals, celebrations, customs and traditions.

Year 2

Theme 3 – Social issues and trends: Immigration and the Spanish multicultural society. The positive effects of immigration - contributions of immigrants to the

economy and culture. Facing the challenges of immigration and integration in Spain – actions by local communities; marginalisation and alienation from immigrants’ perspectives. The public and social response to immigration - political approaches towards immigration; public opinion.

Theme 4 - Political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture:

The Franco dictatorship and transition to democracy Civil War and the rise of Franco (1936 – 1939) – the civil war and the rise of Franco; the republicans vs the nationalists; divisions in society. The Franco dictatorship – daily life under Franco’s dictatorship: political oppression, censorship, divisions in society.

The transition from dictatorship to democracy – the role of King Juan Carlos in the transition; the Suárez government; the 1981 coup.

Entry requirements

5 A* - C including Maths and English with at least a B grade in Spanish or first language Spanish speaker


Regular class and homework assessments, research and presentations.

Listening reading and translation into English

Written response to literary work/film of choice, translation into Spanish and grammar

Speaking: Discussion on a theme and discussion on independent research project

Future opportunities

At university any course including the study of Spanish or requiring proof of academic ability. Also a beneficial qualification for students wishing to work in business, banking, research and the tourist industry.  Language-specific careers can include teaching, interpreting and translating.

Other progression Pathways:  Spanish Language and Culture Studies, European Studies, Law and other Humanities.  Language translation courses, Civil Services.  HE studies in Spanish-speaking universities.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Raynes Park High School directly.

Last updated date: 05 April 2017
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