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ICT AS & A Level at Brine Leas School

Course description

This course has been designed to help students who wish to go on to higher education courses or employment where understanding how ICT can be used in society and business, and the implications of its use. In addition, it offers opportunities for practical work, which will be a valuable asset. Among the many benefits, this course is designed to encourage students to develop personal learning and thinking skills, work co-operatively and manage projects, provide quality ICT-based solutions to a range of problems and develop an awareness of developments in technology.

Course content

AS Level

At AS, the two units are complementary and are concerned with applying ICT to solve problems and the study of the opportunities for and affects of using ICT in the world today. Students will have the opportunity to put into practice a wide range of software and hardware to create solutions to solve problems.

Unit 1 Practical problem solving in the Digital World

  • Practical use of ICT, identifying, designing, producing, testing, documenting and evaluating solutions
  • Data entry, storage, output of information, use of software, current H & S legislation.

Unit 2 Living in the Digital World

  • ICT systems, their components, uses, users, safety and security
  • Data and information, data transfer, backup and recovery.

A2 Level

At A2, students will study the concepts associated with the use of ICT in the 21st century. They will also have opportunities for acquiring skills needed in the IT profession such as co-operative working and project management. These practical skills can be developed in areas of ICT that are of interest to them.

Unit 3 The use of ICT in the Digital World

  • Developments in technology, information needs of organisations, ICT systems, management of ICT
  • Developing ICT systems, introducing large ICT systems into organisations
  • Training and supporting users of ICT systems.

Unit 4 Coursework: Practical Issues Involved in the Use of ICT in the Digital World

  • Practical issues involved in managing the use of ICT in organisations
  • Investigating, analysing, defining requirements
  • Selecting and using appropriate technologies, designing solutions, methods for testing and installation, documenting and evaluating.

Entry requirements

Students should have achieved a minimum of Grade C if studied at GCSE level, or equivalent in GCSE Computer Science.


Unit 1: Practical Problem Solving in the Digital World

  • 50% of AS 25% of A Level
  • Written paper: 1 hour 30 minutes examination

Unit 2: Living in the Digital World

  • 50% of AS 25% of A Level
  • Written paper: 1 hour 30 minutes examination

Unit 3: The Use of ICT in the Digital World

  • 30% of A Level 
  • Written paper: 2 hour examination

Unit 4: Practical Issues Involved in the Use of ICT in the Digital World

  • 20% of A Level
  • Coursework project

Future opportunities

It will support your future studies or career no matter what area you choose to follow. It will provide a sound foundation for higher level studies in ICT or ICT related subjects at university or college.

The majority of students go into the IT industry. Working in jobs such as computer operator, computer systems, sales and service, programming, software engineer or as analysts and programme writers. Skills learned are beneficial to other careers i.e. finance, marketing, sales and other support roles in industry.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brine Leas School directly.

Last updated date: 04 October 2016

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