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History AS A2 at Kingsthorpe College

Course description

History equips you with knowledge and skills which are highly valued by universities and employers. The ability to study history shows that you are capable of analysis, clear presentation, discussion, group work, individual study and research from books, databases and the Internet. The study of history enables you to think critically and question both the past and the world around you.

Your study of History will involve the following: discussions, group work, presentations, research, note making, video, ICT and lots of reading. We recommend that you do a minimum of three hours reading per week in addition to other study tasks. This is necessary in order to ensure a good grade at the end of the course.

Course content

At AS Level:

  • Unit 1: Henry VIII to Mary I, 1509-1558

This is a period study that includes the success and effectiveness of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I's governments; the rise and fall of Wolsey; the significance of Cromwell's work; and the roles of Somerset and Northumberland.

  • Unit 2: The USA and the Cold War in Asia 1945-1975

This is a document enquiries study that includes the U.S. containment of Communism in Asia to 1950; the Korean War 1950-53; why and with what results the U.S.A. became involved in Vietnam to 1968; why did the U.S.A fail to win the Vietnam War?

At A2 Level:

  • Unit 3: Interpretations and Investigations coursework on Elizabeth I, 1558-1603 and the Cold War 1941-1956

This coursework unit involves 2 extended essays of 2,000 words each:

1 Historians' interpretations on elements of Elizabeth I's reign 1558-1603

2 Investigation of the Cold War 1941 - 1956.

  • Unit 4: Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992

This is a synoptic themes unit covering an extended period. It includes the position of African Americans, Native Americans, women and Trade Union and Labour rights.

Entry requirements

The standard requirements for the Sixth Form are 5 C grades at GCSE. As well as this, a grade B or above in History GCSE will enable you to do well at AS and A2 Level.


AS Level:

  • The Period Study on Henry VIII to Mary I is assessed by 1 hour written exam paper worth 25% of the full A Level - 2 essay questions.
  • The Enquiries Study on the Cold War in Asia is assessed by 1 hour written exam paper worth 25% of the full A Level - 2 part document study question.

A2 Level:

  • The Interpretations and Investigations unit is coursework worth 20% of the full A Level
  • The Themes Study on Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992 is assessed by 2 hour written exam paper worth 30% of the full A Level - 2 essay questions

Further information

Progression routes and Career Opportunities

Further Education and careers in History, Law, Journalism, Politics, American Studies, Heritage, Education, Archaeology etc

For further information contact

Miss Attkins, Mr Powell, Mr Calen, Miss McDermott or Mr Kirby in the History Department.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kingsthorpe College directly.

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