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A Level Geology at The Cottesloe School

Course description

Unit 1 Global Tectonics

  • Earth structure
  • Earthquakes
  • Continental drift, sea floor spreading and plate tectonics
  • Geological Structures

Unit 2 Rocks – Processes and Products

  • The rock cycle
  • Igneous processes and products
  • Sedimentary processes and products
  • Metamorphic processes and products

A2 Unit 4 Environmental Geology

  • Water supply
  • Energy Resources
  • Metallic Mineral Deposits
  • Engineering Geology

Unit 5 Evolution of Life, Earth and Climate

  • Formation of fossils
  • Morphology of fossils and adaption of organisms to live in different environments Fossil evidence of evolution of organisms and mass extinctions
  • Dating methods, correlation methods and interpretation of geological maps Changing Climate



Unit 1 & 2 – Written exam papers
Unit 4 & 5 – Written exam papers

Further information

Geology is the study of the Earth in terms of its development as a planet since its origin. This includes the history and evolution of its life forms, the materials from which the Earth is made, processes that effect the Earth, and products that are formed from them. Students will undertake field visits in order to support and extend classroom based study.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Cottesloe School directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015

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