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Biology A Level at Eaton Bank Academy

Course description

The outline of the content of the course followed is overleaf but it will also give you skills that you will find useful whatever you do when you leave school. You will be doing practical activities, on your own and in groups. You will be making presentations and solving problems, reading around a topic and researching things online. You will be learning to be responsible for your own learning and working with the whole class, as well as the expected notes, questions and exams.

Course content

Biology A is split into six modules. These combined with the Practical Endorsement, constitutes the full A Level. The modules can be summarised as:

Module 1: Development of practical skills– this module underpins the whole of the specification, and covers the practical skills that students should develop throughout the course. The practical skills are assessed through the written exam and by a Practical Endorsement.
Module 2: Foundations in biology– covering cell structure; biological molecules; nucleotides and nucleic acids; enzymes; biological membranes; cell division, diversity and organisation.
Module 3: Exchange and transport includes exchange surfaces and transport in plants and in animals.
Module 4: Biodiversity, evolution and disease includes: Communicable disease; disease prevention and immunity; biodiversity; classification and evolution.
Modules 5 and 6 are the additional topics studied to complete the A-level course.
Module 5: Communications, homeostasis and energy–includes: Communication and homeostasis; excretion as an example of homeostatic control; neuronal communication; hormonal communication; plant and animal responses; photosynthesis and respiration.
Module 6: Genetics, evolution and ecosystems includes: Cellular control; patterns of inheritance; manipulating genomes; cloning and biotechnology; ecosystems; populations and sustainability.

We expect you to learn to work things out for yourself using the skills you develop so you are equipped to become a lifelong learner. We want you to enjoy your Biology lessons too so the task of learning becomes something that you find motivating and leads to success.

Entry requirements

We would expect you to have gained at least B grades in your GCSE Science and
Additional Science. You also need to have gained at least a B grade in GCSE maths.


We will be assessing your progress during the course in a number of ways
End of module tests
End of unit tests
External exams
Homework and classwork marking
Self and peer assessment
Practical’s and coursework
Class discussions and question and answer sessions
Discussion with your teacher

Future opportunities

Biology is a rapidly expanding field of study and has an impact on every aspect of your life, from the decisions to have new immunisations or not, to issues about how to feed an expanding population, from genetic manipulation to environmental conservation. By studying this subject you will be more able to make your own informed decisions about what you think about many current issues.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eaton Bank Academy directly.

Last updated date: 18 April 2018

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