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Further Mathematics AS at Nailsea School

Course description

This is a highly respected course that compliments A Level Maths perfectly. There is a misconception that Further Maths is harder than A Level Maths but generally this is not the case particularly at AS level; the units studied are have different content and explore different areas of mathematics . You do not need to be a mathematical genius to succeed in this course; you just need to be interested in mathematics and enjoy a challenge!

Course content

  • Further Pure Mathematics - Proof, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Further Algebra & Functions, Further Calculus, Further Vectors
  • Decision Mathematics - Algorithms & Graph Theory, Algorithms on Graphs, Critical Path Analysis, Linear Programming
  • Further Mechanics - Momentum & Impulse; Work, energy & power; Elastic collisions in 1D

Entry requirements

You must be a very good mathematician, preferably from set one with grade 7 at GCSE level. Algebraic fluency is a priority, as are strong organisational and time management skills. You must also be studying Maths.

Entry to the Sixth Form is not automatic, but depends on:

Achieving 5 grade 4s or above for entry to level 3 courses and meeting the individual entry requirements of your chosen Level 3 courses.


Examination: 100%

Awarding Body: Edexcel

Future opportunities

Maths is essential for many degree courses besides a Mathematics degree and is desirable for many more. These include Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Geography, and Economics. Further Maths particularly supports future studies degrees in Maths, Science, Technology and Engineering.

Maths also supports many other courses and careers, for example accountancy, actuarial work, banking, computing, MORSE, management.

Whatever employment or further education is pursued, Maths A Level is highly respected and Further Maths AS Level will open many doors.

Further information

Student Profile

My name is Sammy and I was at Nailsea studying Maths and Further Maths from 2010 until 2012. I had always enjoyed Maths at school so it was an easy choice to take it for A-level and it worked really well alongside my other A-levels which were all Sciences. I absolutely loved both of the A levels as the courses contained lots of new ideas and concepts which were more interesting than GCSE level Maths had been. Of course I also had great teachers and lovely classes which were a huge part of how much I enjoyed it!

I completed a degree in Maths at Oxford University. Although my degree course was very different, it used all of the skills that A-level Maths had helped me to develop such as the ability to use logical steps to solve problems and also to create a reasoned argument that convinces people my solutions are correct. Having the skills to think logically in this way is a great asset when applying for jobs, as employers want you to be able to work around problems in all sorts of situations, so if the job you want doesn’t involve numbers it’s still really beneficial to have done more Maths than other people who are applying!

I’m now working as an actuary in life insurance. I use probability to try and predict the future: how long people will live, what various different markets might do, or even things like major floods or epidemics. Then I tell the insurance company how much money they need t have saved today. This is very Maths-focussed and all the abilities
I’ve mentioned above are vital, however Maths graduates are really sought after for their skills in a variety of fields.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Nailsea School directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2017

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