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Religious Studies AS/A Level at Beverley High School

Course description

The knowledge, understanding and skills required in the RS AS and A2 level courses are held in high regard by employers and Universities.

Course content

AS Level - AS Unit A Religion and Ethics 1 RSSO1

  1. Utilitarianism
  •          General principles of utilitarianism,
  •          The application of Utilitarianism to contemporary issues

including: Embryo research, genetic engineering,

Stem cell research, transplants, and environmental issues

  1. Situation Ethics
  •          The general principles of Situation


  •          The application of Situation Ethics

to contemporary issues including: Embryo research, genetic

engineering, stem cell research, transplants,

         and environmental issues.

  1. Religious teaching on the nature and Value of human life
  •          The nature of humanity and  the human condition
  •          Fatalism and Free will
  •          Equality and difference
  •          The Value of life
  1. Abortion and Euthanasia
  •          The value and potential of real life
  •          Mother verses child’s life
  •          Ethical issues involved in legislation
  •          Euthanasia active or passive
  •          The right of humans to decide when they die

AS Unit J World Religions – Buddhism RSS09

  1.  Samsara and the Three Marks of Existence
  •          The cycle of death and rebirth
  •          Dukkha, Anatta and Anicca – the nature of existence the ideas of suffering, impermanence and no-self.


  1.  The Four Noble Truths
  •          Tanha - craving
  •          Nibbana – enlightenment; no suffering.
  1.  The Eightfold Path
  •          Wisdom
  •          Morality
  •          Meditation
  1.  The Sangha
  •          The Monastic Community
  •          The Lay Community

A2 Unit 3B Philosophy of Religion RST3B

  1. The existence of God
  •          The Ontological argument presented by
  •          Anselm and Descartes
  •          The relationship between reason and faith
  •          Evaluation of the Ontological argument.
  1. Religious Language
  2. Body Soul and personal identity
  •          The nature and existence of the body/soul


  •          Personal identity and the possibility of

     continued personal existence after death.

  •          Re-birth, reincarnation and the replica theory
  •          Nature of near death experiences

  and their value as evidence of survival beyond death.

  1. The Problem of evil
  •          The concepts of natural and moral evil
  •          The challenge that evil and suffering presents to faith
  •          Religious defences of evil

A2 Unit 4B Religion and Contemporary Society RST4B

  •          Freedom of religion
  •          Religious dress and symbols
  •          The challenges to practising religion in a secular society
  •          Attitudes to sexual behaviour
  •          Attitudes to relationships, arranged marriage and family life
  •          The nature and role of a faith community in the UK
  •          Interfaith relations

Future opportunities

With a good A-level pass in RS you will have a wide variety of options open to you.   The subject includes so many other disciplines that you will be in a good position to apply for any Arts/Humanities course at University.   If you wish to go directly into training or employment, RS will be of particular help in professions which involve dealing with people (such as management, medicine, teaching, police/armed services), or involve issues, arguments, opinion and debate (such as law, journalism, politics).

It goes particularly well with English, Law, Media Studies, History, and Psychology options.

Further information

The knowledge, understanding and skills required in the RS AS and A2 level courses are held in high regard by employers and Universities. Particularly if following Arts/Humanities.  Useful in professions which involve issues, argument, debate - eg law, journalism, politics and those dealing with people, e.g. teaching, medicine.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Beverley High School directly.

Last updated date: 23 August 2016

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    • Beverley High School is a Group 6, five-form entry girls' comprehensive within the East Riding of Yorkshire. 816 girls are currently on roll including 120 girls in the Sixth Form. The School, founded in 1908, has developed since 1973 from a grammar school into a fully comprehensive 11-18 establishment. The school celebrated its 100th anniversary in September 2008.

      Beverley High School is long established with an excellent record and considerable achievements in academic work, music, drama, art and sport. We are particularly concerned to develop each girl's good qualities to the full. The school has a long tradition of successful education and enjoys a high reputation within the community, both at local and county level. The school features in the “Good Schools’ Guide”.

      Subject departments are housed in purpose-built rooms set amidst fine grounds. We have a dedicated Library and Sixth Form Block. A Sports Hall was opened in September 2006 and an Art/Technology Centre opened in September 2008.