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Maths A Level at Hinchingbrooke School Academy

Course description

Why Study Maths?

There are three good reasons why you should consider studying A Level Mathematics:

  • It gives you a chance to understand what Mathematics is really about. It is most definitely not about getting 'the answer'! – and in many ways has less to do with numbers than you might think. Instead it is about applying your knowledge to solve problems. Put more simply it is about learning to think.
  • Mathematics is the most cited facilitating course for entry to degree level courses and has consequently become the most popular A Level subject over the past two years.
  • Mathematics is the only A Level subject where there is a proven link to improved income chances in later life. Students who pass A Level Maths earn on average 10% more in later life than those that do not.

Course content

What Does The Course Involve?

Employers value skills such as problem solving, logical thinking and an ability to articulate clear written arguments. A Level Mathematics is focused very much on developing these skills and written work based around algebraic communication will feature in almost every lesson. You will need to be able to think clearly, remember methods you have met and understood and be able to apply them to new situations.You will learn the meaning of mathematical terms and the real mathematical meanings of some things you thought you already knew. You will be expected to be able to talk about your work, with your friends and with your teacher and to be able to apply mathematics to practical situations, sometimes called modelling.You will need to understand about numbers, arithmetic, estimation, and patterns, be able to use a calculator sensibly and work things out in your head when necessary. A particular focus of the new A Level is understanding large data sets and on using technology to solve problems. All students will need a Casio Classwiz or an approved graphical calculator for use during the course

All students studying Mathematics will spend 66% of the course studying Pure Maths (trigonometry, algebra, calculus and proof), 17% studying Mechanics (modelling forces, motion and the physical world) and 17% studying Statistics (statistical sampling, data presentation and probability).

Students who excel at Maths can opt to study Further Maths alongside their A Level in Maths to get a second A Level in Further Maths.  Most students opting for Further Maths do so as a fourth subject.

Entry requirements

What Are The Entry Requirements?

The minimum requirement to study Mathematics is at least a 6 and preferably a 7 in GCSE Maths, with a GCSE average point score of 5. Students with a 6 in Maths GCSE can be successful depending on their algebra skills but are required to take an entrance test before being accepted onto the course to assess their suitability.

Only one Maths course out of Maths (one A Level) and Further Maths (two A Levels) can be taken.


How Will I Be Assessed?

Exam Board:   OCR – Assessment is all via exam papers

Future opportunities

Leading To A Career In?

Mathematics is key to most scientifc disciplines so it could lead onto higher education courses in science related subjects as well as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science and Economics. With further training, you could go into a job related to Mathematics such as an Accountant, Engineer, Financial Adviser, Business Manager, Software Engineer or Teacher. You could also go straight into a job as the A Level is a recognised qualification that will help you develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across lots of industries are looking

Further information

To find out more about this qualification please contact the Head of Department Mr A Bennett ( or 01480 375700 ext 5788)

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 09 November 2017
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Course code: Ma