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Sociology AS and A level at Eastbrook Comprehensive School

Course description

Sociologists are interested in why society works in the way that it does and the extent to which our behaviour – and even opportunities – can be shaped by our social class, age, gender and race. We question the society in which we live in order to understand the relationship between individuals and institutions such as the Education System, Religion and the Mass Media.

Why study Sociology?  Because you want to understand the world in which you live – how and why it functions as it does and who has power and who does not. During the course, you’ll be asking questions such as:

What is the family and what is the point of it?  Do we live in a meritocratic society?  Why is it that factors such as class, ethnicity and gender appear to impact on how well – or otherwise – we do at school?  Is Britain becoming a secular society, or is there a rise in extremism and Fundamentalism?  Why does crime occur and how reliable are official statistics? 

Course content

Unit 1: Families and Households - What is happening to the ‘traditional’ family? How is social change transforming family life?

Unit 2: Education - What is the role of the Education system? Why are girls outperforming boys at GCSE, ALevel and Degree level but earn less money ten years after graduating? How can we account for differences in attainment by race, location and social class?

Unit 3: Beliefs in Society - Is Religion still relevant to young people? Is a less Religious society a less moral one? What makes people join cults and sects? What factors help to explain secularisation and fundamentalism in the UK? Does Religion oppress us?

Unit 4: Crime and Deviance - What does the crime rate tell us about society? Is prison the best place to rehabilitate criminals? Why is the prison population growing? Why do more males than females commit crimes? What factors account for the rise in gun crime amongst teenagers? Do upper class criminals ‘get away with it’?  

By critically studying the way in which our everyday lives are effected by and related to such institutions as the family, education, politics, the mass media, the legal system etc, A level sociology seeks to provide students with the necessary “tools” to make decisions and form judgements about themselves and the world around them which will be of lasting value for the successful navigation of their future. 

Entry requirements

5 GCSE’s at grade C including Mathematics. You are expected to achieve a grade B in English Language. 

Excellent attendance and punctuality are essential.  You will be required to complete independent research  and study. You will need to complete all homework on time and to the required standard. You are expected to take responsibility for your revision and attend any support sessions which are offered when preparing for the examination. 


100% based on final examinations 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eastbrook Comprehensive School directly.

Last updated date: 12 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September