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Mathematics AS/A Level at Bemrose School

Course description

The course is only suitable for those who have studied higher tier mathematics for GCSE and achieved a Level 6 or higher. The course will enable you to develop an awareness of the relevance of mathematics to the world of work, other fields of study and to society in general. Any mathematical or science related course at university will require mathematics A level and many other courses and careers will give preference to those who have a qualification eg accountancy, business, economics, engineering, medicine, music, psychology etc

Course content

The course will be delivered using a variety of teaching and learning styles and whilst guidance and support will be provided throughout, you will be expected to be responsible for your own learning.  There will be opportunities for you to work independently as well as with others in the group.

The delivery of A level maths is awaiting verification at the moment. However the content will be the same as is currently examined; core units are compulsory at both AS and A2 level and then there is a degree of choice.

Year 12 Core unit: Algebra & functions; co-ordinate geometry; sequences & series; differentiation; integration; trigonometry; exponentials & logarithms.

Statistics: Models in probability & statistics; representation & summary of data; probability; correlation & regression; discrete random variables; discrete & normal distributions.

Year 13 Core unit: Algebra & functions; trigonometry; exponentials & logarithms; differentiation; numerical methods; coordinate geometry; sequences & series; vectors. THEN EITHER

Statistics: Binomial & Poisson distributions; continuous random variables; continuous distributions; samples; hypothesis tests. OR

Decision: Algorithms; algorithms on graphs; the route inspection problem; critical path analysis; linear programming; matchings. OR

Mechanics: models & vectors in mechanics; kinematics & dynamics of a moving particle; statics of a particle; moments

Entry requirements

 A GCSE in statistics is also helpful, but not essential.


The course is assessed by examinations in June of year 12 (leading to an AS level qualification) and examinations in June of year 13 (leading to an A2 qualification).

Future opportunities

A qualification in mathematics opens the doors to very many careers and is impressive to employers as it shows that you have an ability to tackle complex problems.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bemrose School directly.

Last updated date: 30 November 2016

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