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Further Mathematics A Level at Birkenhead Sixth Form College

Course description

How high should a flood barrier be? This is calculated using statistical models of flood risk, meaning that Maths is essential for modelling natural processes.

How many people will live in the UK in 50 years time?

Mathematical modeling of populations can help governments around the world plan for the future.


Is Further Maths for you?
  • You would like to consolidate and reinforce your standard A-Level Maths work, helping you to achieve the best possible grades.
  • You would like an extra challenge and the chance to explore new and/or more sophisticated mathematical concepts.
  • Further Maths is a challenging course designed to extend gifted Mathematicians. It broadens and deepens the Maths covered at A-Level as well as introducing new topics.
  • Further Maths is good preparation for those students aiming to study the subject at University, or other Maths-rich subjects such as Engineering or some Sciences.

Course content

AS Year

Mechanics 1

You will apply Maths to the solution of problems involving aspects of moving and stationary objects such as skydivers, skiers and parked cars on steep hills. You will centre your learning on Newton’s famous laws of motion.

Mechanics 2

You will explore the topics in Mechanics 1 further and learn more about problems such as variable acceleration.

Further Pure 1

Within the Further Pure modules you will pick up from the core modules in AS and A2 Maths and focus more on algebraic equations. You will explore new ideas such as complex numbers, matrices, conic sections and hyperbolic functions.


A2 Year

Statistics 2

You will re-visit the concepts met in the first Statistics module and develop these into workable and widely used models of real world behaviour. You will also examine and test more sophisticated models.

Statistics 3

You will learn about Probability in more detail, explore Linear Combinations of Random Variables, as well as Distributional Approximations. Finally you will cover Estimation and Hypothesis Testing.

Further Pure 3

You will examine Series and Limits as well as Polar Coordinates. You will then explore Differential Equations in more depth.


Learning is offered through lectures, discussion, interactive whiteboard activities, PC software (graphs, spreadsheets, mathematical word processing etc), texts, internet research, mechanics apparatus, videos, audio material. You will engage in class-based and independent learning, making use of a rich and diverse collection of reading, audio and video material.
Innovative online Maths tutorials are also provided to help with your revision.

Entry requirements

You have achieved a grade A or A* at Maths GCSE as well as high grades across all your other GCSE subjects (e.g. A and B grades). You will be asked to take an induction test so the tutors can assess whether this course is suitable for you.


All assessment in the Further Maths A-Level is by written examination at the end of both the AS and A2 years.

Future opportunities

A-Level Maths provides the bedrock for getting to the heart of numbers, shapes, movement, data and relationships. Advanced Maths is used in many jobs and has clear and obvious associations with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, Geography and Computing. Perhaps less apparently it has strong links, both aesthetically and practically with Art, Design, Music, Psychology, Law, Sociology and Sports Studies. Maths A –Level is a very useful, adaptable qualification.

A Maths degree can lead to a great variety of careers including weather forecasting, computer games programming, in accounting or finance, scientific research design and developments, statistics, environmental science, aircraft design or drugs trial analysis – the list is endless. Maths is also an essential basis for careers in engineering and architecture.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Birkenhead Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 25 October 2016
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