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Further Mathematics A Level at The John Bentley School

Course description

AS Level

  1. Further Pure 1

An introduction to different areas of Pure Maths. We look at the difference between real and imaginary numbers, as well as some introductory work on Matrices. Geometry (beyond that done in maths) is covered, as well as a section on algebraic proof.

  1. Decision and Discrete Maths (Applicable Maths)

Investigates algorithms that can be used to solve real problems, such as shortest path, and critical path analysis. These are used in business and industry to minimise cost, and maximise profit. We look also at sorting algorithms used in the computer sciences.

  1. Statistics

Develops the Maths Statistics module, but also covers a range of new distributions, including the Binomial and Poisson. The course leads up to the very important Hypothesis testing, which at one level will show if people can tell the difference between Cola and Diet Cola, and on another will tell you if new medicines work, or if it is luck.

A2 level

  1. Further Pure 2

Develops the Pure Maths from A Level Maths. FP2 includes more complex numbers (a mixture of real and imaginary), as well as introducing differential equations (used, for example, in population modelling). We also do Taylor and Maclaurin Series, a technique used in many places, but most notably Astronomy, and SETI (The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence).

  1. Further Pure 3

FP3 brings a lot of the pure maths from C3, C4, FP1 and FP2 together, with further matrix algebra, vectors, and wide range of differentiation and integration.

Entry requirements

Maths GCSE grade A (but A* is naturally preferable).

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The John Bentley School directly.

Last updated date: 17 September 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years