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French GCSE at Weatherhead High School

Course description

Qualification :General Certificate of Secondary Education
Exam Board :Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA)
Category :Other Languages, Literature and Culture - Languages, Literature and Culture

Course content

Languages are an increasingly sought after qualification and skill. As ever more companies begin to operate across Europe, employers are looking for staff who are able to support their business, whatever that may be. The skills that linguists offer such as communication, initiative and problem solving are also useful skills for everyday life. A language can open many doors to leisure or work opportunities.
You are able to develop the skills that you were taught at KS3 and improve the complexity of your language to enable you to use your language in authentic situations.
The 2 year course is split into 4 modules, two taken in Year 10 and two in Year 11. All 4 skills are tested: Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing, throughout the course.
The following themes are taught:
Module 1: My World -oral coursework
Module 2-Holiday time and travel -listening and reading examinations
Module 3-Work and Lifestyle -written coursework
Module 4-The young person in society: Examinations in all 4 skill areas. Assessment details below.


Module 1: My World Up to January of Year 10. 12.5% of overall grade

A prepared speech covering 6 topics including self and family, daily routine, hobbies etc which is to last no longer than 5 minutes. The speech is recorded in school and you can have 60 words in note form to help you remember as much as possible.
Module 2-Holiday time and travel June of Year 10. 25% of overall grade
This is an external exam for Listening and Reading. Each exam is worth 12.5% and lasts for 40 minutes. Lots of questions have multiple choice answers where you tick the correct box or choose the right letter. Other questions require written answers. Questions may be in both French and English and you must answer in the same language.
Module 3-Work and Lifestyle Up to January of Year 11. 12.5% of overall grade
At least 2 pieces of coursework of approx 200 words each must be completed in French. They must be on 2 different topics from a list given by the exam board.
Module 4-The young person in society April-June of Year 11. 50% of overall grade (each section is worth 12.5%)
Speaking: you have 5/8 minutes in which you must prepare your notes on a previously un-seen role-play. You can take your notes into the exam room while you act out this role-play with your teacher. You then have a conversation on 2 topics as chosen by the exam board.
Listening: Similar to module 2 but no answers are to be in English. The exam lasts for 30 minutes.
Reading : Similar to module 2 but no answers are to be in English. The exam lasts for 30 minutes.
Writing: You must produce 2 pieces of written work in French; there is no choice of titles. There will be a stimulus text and you must respond to it. You must write in full sentences using correct verb endings and different tenses where possible.
Foundation exam lasts for 40 minutes and the Higher exam lasts for 50 minutes.

Future opportunities

If you gain grade C or above at GCSE and have shown commitment and enthusiasm for the language/s that you have studied, you will be able to continue studying that language at AS Level. It is best if you have completed the Higher level GCSE exams.

Further information

You will have regular lessons with a foreign language assistant so that you can practise and improve your pronunciation and accent with a native speaker. You will have the opportunity to retake modules 1 and 2 in Year 11, should you wish to do so. This will enable you to improve your grade. The best mark counts.
For a copy of the school's Key Stage 4 (14 to 16) brochure please log on to the school's website at

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Weatherhead High School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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