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Philosophy and Ethics AS/A2 at Lawrence Sheriff School

Course description

Course overview
Ever wondered why? Not why anything in particular,
just why? Philosophy has been the joy of thinking
humans through the centuries, and remains an
important ideal today. It is not always about answers,
it is about exploring questions. Ethics continues to be
one of the most important fields of study in society
too, as humanity pushes forwards its boundaries of
knowledge, we have to ask; is it right to spend money
on space exploration above educating children? Who
determines the right to die? What IS right and wrong?
Following this the Christian beliefs that have shaped
western society are addressed and dissected thoroughly
identifying some key challenges of secular thought.

Course content

You can expect to:

• Read and understand philosophical and ethical works,

from Plato to Dawkins.

• Express your own opinions on issues such as sex, God

and existence.

• Write extended essays.

• Discuss and debate with peers.

Entry requirements

Grade B or above in RE GCSE (if available at school).


100% examination.

Future opportunities

Where does it lead?
Quite apart from philosophy being the basis of human
thought, this A Level is highly regarded by Universities
for the development of thought it enables and
encourages. For future employment in the fields of
politics, business strategy and law the philosophy
element is most apt. Careers in medicine, law and the
environment most obviously apply to the ethics section.

Further information

Other useful information
Text books cover the entire course, but these are yet to
be published and so further details will be available closer
to the time. A good book to start with is the Puzzle of
Ethics (Peter Vardy) or An Introduction to the
Philosophy of Religion (Third Edition, Brian Davies). There
is an expectation of other reading too though and a list of
recommended reading will be given to you at the start of
the course.

Students’ views …
“This course is the first genuine opportunity you get in
school to think freely without being marked down for it.”
“We argue a lot, with the teacher, with each other, it’s
fantastic, it has really challenged my beliefs.”
“Philosophy and Ethics is by far the best preparation for

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lawrence Sheriff School directly.

Last updated date: 19 November 2015
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