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Law A Level at Ralph Allen School

Course description

Whether you want a career in Law or simply love legal dramas on TV, this is the subject for you. Law A Level will help you develop your analytical ability and critical thinking and debating skills. The course covers offences such as murder, robbery and assault, and some key areas of civil law such as nuisance, trespass and human rights. A Law A Level will help you understand how to solve problems through the application of legal rules, and try your hand at judging real-life civil and criminal cases.

Course content

Assessment: Three 2 hour written examinations

Component 1: The legal system and criminal law (33%)
It introduces learners to the legal system and the concept of liability through an introduction to criminal law. It includes:
• Criminal courts, magistrates and juries
• Legal funding
• Criminal liability theory
• Fatal offences, eg murder and manslaughter
• Non-fatal offences, eg assault, ABH and GBH
• Offences against property, eg theft, robbery and burglary

Component 2: Law making and the law of tort (33%)
This component introduces learners to law making and to the concept of liability through the law of tort. It includes:
• Parliamentary law making
• Judicial precedent
• Trespass
• Nuisance
• Negligence
• Compensation and damages

Component 3: Further law (33%)
The component will enable learners to extend their study of law. It explores and considers in more detail the nature of law including human rights law. It includes:
• Human Rights Act
• European Convention on Human Rights
• Judicial review

Entry requirements

Grade 6 in English language or Grade 6 in English literature.

Future opportunities

Most subjects - it is for those with an interest in problem solving, and an ability to analyse situations logically. As there are some longer essay-type questions there are links with other essay subjects such as History and English Literature. There is also a cross over with the Politics A Level, which looks at the UK judiciary.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ralph Allen School directly.

Last updated date: 30 January 2018

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