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Further Mathematics A level at Wollaston School

Course description

This subject carries great weight with universities. It is designed for the most able mathematicians. It is particularly suitable for students wanting to study Mathematics at university but also supports engineers and scientists.

Course content

UNIT 1 Further Pure 1 Series Matrices Induction Complex Numbers Polynomial Equations Modulus and Argument

UNIT 2 Further Pure 2 Trigonometrical Functions Mclaurens series Hyperbolic Functions Polar Coordinates Newton - Raphson Reduction Formulae

UNIT 3 Decision 1 Algorithms Graphs and Networks Connector Problems Matching Route Inspection Linear Programming

UNIT 4 Further Pure 3 Lines and Planes Vector Product De Moivre’s Theorem Group Theory Calculus

UNIT 5 Further Pure 4 Vectors Matrix Algebra Linear Independence Determinants Solution of Linear Equations

UNIT 6 MECHANICS 2 Moments Centre of Mass Variable Acceleration Uniform Circular Motion Hookes Law Work, Energy and Power


There is a 90 minute examination for each unit each unit, each contributing to one sixth of the final award. The exam board is AQA.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wollaston School directly.

Last updated date: 05 September 2016
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