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Mathematics A Level at Kingsmead School

Course description

Core Mathematics

Algebra and functions; coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane; sequences and series;differentiation;integration;trigonometry;exponentials and logarithms; Numerical methods;vectors. 

Further Pure Mathematics

Series; Complex numbers; numerical solution of equations;Coordinate systems; matrix algebra; proof; Inequalities; first order differential equations; second order differential equations; further complex numbers; Maclaurin and Taylor series; further matrix algebra; vectors, hyberbolic functions; differentiation; integration, further coordinate systems. 


Mathematical models in mechanics; vectors in mechanics; kinematics of a particle moving in a straight line; dynamics of a particle moving in a straight line or plane; statics of a particle; moments; kinematics of a particle moving in a straight line or plane; centres of mass; work and energy; collisions; statics of rigid bodies; further kinematics; elastic strings and springs; further dynamics; motion in a circle; statics of rigid bodies; relative motion; elastic collisions in two dimensions; further motion of particles in one dimension; stability; applications of vectors in mechanics; variable mass; moments of inertia of a rigid body; rotation of a rigid body about a fixed smooth axis. 


Mathematical models in probability and statistics; representation and summary of data; probability; correlation and regression; discrete random variables; discrete distributions; the normal distribution; the Binomial and Poisson distributions; continuous random variables; continuous distributions; samples; hypothesis tests; combinations of random variables; sampling; estimation, confidence intervals and tests; goodness of fit and contingency tables; regression and correlation; quality of  tests and estimators; one-sample procedures; two-sample procedures. 

Decision Mathematics

Algorithms; algorithms on graphs; the route inspection problem; critical path analysis; linear programming; matchings; transportation problems; allocation (assignment) problems; the travelling salesman; game theory; further linear programming; dynamic programming; flows in networks.

Entry requirements

GCSE grade B or above is the standard requirement for this level of study. Students study a variety of units, following pathways to their desired qualification.  

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kingsmead School directly.

Last updated date: 21 April 2017
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