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The course is split in to 4 parts a) Medicine through time – a study in development b) Germany c. 1919 - 45 c) Coursework 1 - History Around Us d) Coursework 2 - Modern World Study MEDICINE THROUGH TIME - This study examines continuities and changes in the history of medicine - For each era we will focus on: causes of ill-health, ideas people had about the causes and treatments of ill-health, who cared for the ill, why did treatments change or stay the same, how were people affected by changes. - We will cover 5 eras: 1. Pre-historic 2. Ancient World (Egypt, Greece, Rome) 3. Middle Ages 4. The Renaissance 5. 19th and 20th Centuries THE NAZI REGIME * This study focuses on the reasons for the development of a totalitarian state in Germany and its impact * We will focus on 4 key questions: 1. Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start? 2. How was Hitler able to come to power? 3. How effectively did the Nazis control Germany? 4. What was it like to live in Nazi Germany? Coursework * History Around Us – students will be taken to a local site (Rockingham Castle). They will be asked to use the remains as evidence and asked to analyse different interpretations of the site (e.g. in the Guide Book). * Modern World Study – students will be asked to explain the Arab/Israeli Conflict in the context of the past. * Coursework will be produced as two pieces of extended writing. 1. ASSESSMENT - There are two exam papers: 1. Paper One (2 hrs) worth 45% will test students on Medicine through time and Germany 1919-45 and will mainly be assessing students` ability to describe and explain 2. Paper Two (1h30m) worth 30% will test students on Medicine through time only. Students will be assessed on their ability to evaluate and interpret sources. 3. Coursework worth 25% (12.5% each) will test students on their ability to describe and explain (Israel) and evaluate and interpret sources (History around us). Each piece of coursework will be about 1250 words.

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