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General Studies AS A2 at Kingsthorpe College

Course content

AS Level

Unit 1 - Conflict

  • Science and technology: human aggression; controversy in science and technology
  • Society and politics: tensions in society; politics and the public
  • Arts and media: the arts as a challenge; media bias
  • Business and industry: the market: business big and small
  • Beliefs and values: the individual and society; tolerance and intolerance

Unit 2 - Space

  • Science and Technology: space exploration; climate change
  • Society and politics: migration of people; urban and rural
  • Arts and media: art and public space; global media
  • Business and industry: use of land; buying and selling
  • Beliefs and values: multiculturalism; green values

All students that pass AS General Studies in Year 12 go on to study the A2 course in Year 13.

A2 Level

Unit 3 - Power

  • Science and technology: the energy debate; medicine and health; ethical responsibilities of scientists
  • Society and politics: distribution of power: equal opportunities: law enforcement
  • Arts and media: art as empowerment; arts and media commentators; media pressure and impact
  • Business and industry: the impact of advertising; large corporations; free and fair trade
  • Beliefs and values: attitude towards authority; rights and responsibilities; nationalism and internationalism

Unit 4 - Change

  • Science and technology: the nature of science; public understanding of science; progress in science / technology
  • Society and politics: social change; educating for change; political reform
  • Arts and media: changing aesthetic criteria; new media; visions of the past and future
  • Business and industry: heritage conservation; consumer trends; economic growth
  • Beliefs and values: changing patterns of religious belief; decline of ideology; transmission of norms and values



There will be an exam for each unit lasting one hour 30 minutes.


There will be two exams of two hours duration.

Future opportunities

Further information

General Studies is an extra subject studied by all Advanced Level students. It provides extra UCAS points for students and requires only limited input.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kingsthorpe College directly.

Last updated date: 16 November 2015
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