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Physical Education A Level at QE Academy Trust

Course description

AS Level Units

Unit 1: Opportunities for & the Effects of Leading a Healthy and Active Lifestyle
- Health Exercise and Fitness ‒ I'm healthy but am I fit?
- Nutrition ‒ Diet
- Pulmonary Function ‒ Mechanics of breathing
- Transport of Gases ‒ Ability of the body to distribute oxygen and carbon dioxide  - Cardiac Function ‒ Function and capabilities of the heart
- Analysis of Movement ‒ How muscles and bones help us move
- Skill Acquisition ‒ How the nature of a skill affects performance
- Information Processing ‒ How we interpret our environment and react to it
- Learning and Performance ‒ Learning styles and their effect on performance
- Opportunities for Participation ‒ The impact of historical, social and cultural factors on the development of physical activities

Unit 2: Analysis & Evaluation of Physical Activity as a Performer and/or adopted roles. Pupils choose to be assessed in 2 of the following areas in one chosen sport.

- Performer ‒ their own practical performance level in practice situations.
- Coach ‒ their ability to lead others in practical situations to help improve their performance.
- Official ‒ their ability to officiate a match/competition accurately.

Internal Assessment with External Moderation (40% of AS, 20% A2)

A2 Level Units

Unit 3: Optimising Performance and Evaluating Contemporary Issues Within Sport

SECTION A ‐ Applied physiology
SECTION B ‐ Applied psychology
SECTION C ‐ Evaluating contemporary influences (30% of A2)

Unit 4: Optimising Practical Performance

Written analysis of your own sporting performance. (20% of A2)

Entry requirements

We suggest that candidates should have at least a grade B in science or PE GCSE as a large amount of the course is Science based. High practical ability in a sport is an advantage in the practical elements. We strongly advise pupils to be playing competitive sport regularly, especially at A2 Level.

Future opportunities

Sports studies can lead to lots of different career opportunities within the sports, leisure, coaching and health professions. It covers a wide range of physiological, psychological and sociological issues surrounding health and sport.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact QE Academy Trust directly.

Last updated date: 17 December 2015
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