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French AS A2 at Kettering Science Academy

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During your AS year, you will be studying a variety of aspects of life and culture in the country of your chosen language.

The topics covered include Media, Popular Culture (Cinema and Music), Healthy living and Lifestyle Choices, Family and Relationships. Alongside these topic areas, you will be gaining an understanding of the more complex working of the language, in order to express yourself in a greater variety of ways.

You will be assessed in all four skill areas over the course of two exams. The first exam (Unit 1) tests your listening, reading, and writing skills and makes up 70% of the AS grade (but 35% of the full A level). You will be expected to listen to five minutes of target language, on one of the above topics. In the writing section, you will be expected to write a piece of work no shorter than 200 words. The second exam (Unit 2) will test your speaking skills and accounts for 30% of the AS grade (15% of the full A level). In this exam you will be expected to complete a role-play and participate in a discussion about the topics studied.


As in the AS you will continue to work on improving your active language skills, through studying the following aspects of life in the country of your chosen language; Environment, Multicultural Society, Contemporary Social Issues, Cultural Issues.


As in the AS course, you will be assessed in all four skill areas. Unit 3, like Unit 1 assesses your listening, reading and writing skills and Unit 4 assesses your speaking ability. The exams follow the same format as in AS and carry the same weighting. Unit 3 accounts for 35% of your final A level grade and Unit 4 accounts for 15%.

Future opportunities

If French/German is one of your strengths and you have enjoyed the challenge at GCSE

level then you should consider languages at AS/A level. All the signs point to the fact that

languages are going to be more and more important in career terms. British employers are

becoming increasingly aware that they need people at almost every level of their

organisations who can use languages as part of their job.

Further information

If you want more information about Languages you should talk to Mr Reid

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kettering Science Academy directly.

Last updated date: 16 November 2015
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