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AS/A2 Religious Studies - Philosophy & Ethics at St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy - Trinity Sixth Form

Course description

Lessons allow for opportunity to discuss and critically analyse key philosophical and ethical debates that have intrigued man for thousands of years.

Regular essays are set to help all students to stay on target and detailed feedback is given.

Access to a wide range of academic texts and up to date A Level journals and magazines.


Course content

                                                 First Year

Philosophy of Religion:

  • Philosopical arguments for the existence of God including design, cosmological and ontological arguments.
  • The problem of evil and suffering
  • Religious Experience

Religious Ethics:

  • Ethical theories includng Utilitarianism, Natural Moral Law and Situation ehics.
  • Ethical concepts surrounding the environment and equality
  • Applied Ethics including war and secual ethics. 

Exam essay on the sanctity of life

New Testament Studies:

  • Social Historical and religious context of the New Testament
  • Interpretations on the person of Jesus looking at the "I am" sayings and John's prologue
  • Issues surrounding the NT text and interpretation looking at source, form and redaction criticism

                                                        Second Year

The above issues are then revisited in year 13 as well as looking at :

Philosophy of Religion

  • Anthology, Religious Language and Life after Death

Religious Ethics

  • Anthology, ethical language and theories and medical ethics

New Testament  Studies

  • Anthology, resurrection accounts and contemporary Biblical issues

Entry requirements

Grade B in Religious Studies or Grade B in English Literature or History (essay writing subject) is acceptable.


In year 12 there are 3 one hour exams. This assesses content from Philosophy, Ethics and New Testament studies.

In year 13 there are 3 two hour exams. This assesses content from Philosophy, Ethics and New Testament Studies.

Future opportunities

Employers and institutions of Higher Eduction recognise A Level Religious Studies as a challenging and worthwile academic subject in its own right and a suitable springboard to a wide range of degree courses and careers - e.g lawyers, teachers, doctors etc.


Further information

Philosphy & Ethics is a course that proves that you can think and write. It is very well-regarded by universities and employers. It is on Cambridge University's list of preferred subjects. It is ideal for people considering any written-based subject at university or careers in law, teaching and anything where good written work is important.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy - Trinity Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 13 March 2017

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Course code: Edexcel (8RSo)

Contact details

    • Contact name:
    • Patricia Rhodes -Trinity Progress Manager SMW
    • Contact telephone number:
    • 01782 810400
    • Email address: