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Media Studies at Holyhead

Course description

Course Overview

Just how does the film industry remain successful in the modern competitive media environment? What are the messages and values we are being fed in TV drama programmes that shape our lives? How has the online world revolutionised the way we act not only as consumers of media but has also been a gateway for sharing our own ideas? Has our interaction with media online made our lives more democratic or is this just another myth?

In the Media Studies course these are just some of the questions we address for exam topics in this exciting and modern course that combines creative production work with serious academic study. One of the unique things about the course is that it is assessed by 50% practical coursework - where students research, plan, create and evaluate film opening sequences and music video promotional packages - and 50% examination, which allows you to play to your strengths and achieve a grade you can be proud of. 

Skills Needed

To succeed on this course you need to be willing and able to develop the skills needed for media production work: creativity, working with technology, attention to detail, good communication and organisational skills, the ability to evaluate your decisions and adapt well to problems - but most of all, tenacity and a commitment to hard work.

What makes Media Studies unique as a course is the challenge of combining these skills with an ability to act as an academic student for rigorous examination topics; you will need to be able to: write extended answers to answer questions, debate and evaluate, use Media Studies terminology and illustrate your ideas with good examples.

Course content

Year 1

Unit 1 - Foundation Production in Media - develop, film and edit a professional opening sequene for a new movie.

Unit 2 - TV Drama and Representaions - considering how gender, ethnicity, sexuality, social class, regional identity, age and disability are constructed using media language (camera work, editing, mise en scene and sound). Film Industry and Audiences - how the modern industry is successful.

Year 2

Unit 1 - Advanced Portfolio in Media - develop, film/photograph and edit a music video, CD package and promotional website for an artist.

Unit 2 - Contemporary Media Topics: apply 10 sets of ideas and theories to the production work you've completed on the course; 'We Media' and Democracy; theoretical evaluation of Online Media.

Entry requirements

A minimum of 5 A*-C grades at GCSE including English and Maths

Grade B or above in Media Studies (if you studied it at GCSE)


Year 1

Unit 1 - Foundation Production - coursework (students are marked on planning, production and evaluation) - 50%

Unit 2 - TV Drama and Film - 2 hour examination with 1 essay response to an unseen clip and 1 essay response about the film industry - 50%

Year 2
Unit 1 - Advanced Portfolio - coursework (students are marked on planning, production and evaluation) - 50%
Unit 2 - Contemporary Media Topics - 2 hour examination with 3 essay questions - 50%

Further information

Enrichment Opportunities

Visits to cinemas and media institutions, location scouting visits, master classes by current film producers and BBC journalists.

Many students produce creative work outside of lessons to build on the skills they have developed.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Holyhead directly.

Last updated date: 09 November 2015
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