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Psychology A-Level at The West Bridgford School

Course description

Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘Why do people behave in certain ways?’

If so, Psychology could be the course for you.  

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour.

The subject seeks to describe, understand and predict behaviour, human thought and emotion through research and applied knowledge.

During the A Level course you will develop a number of transferable skills including:

  •  Independent learning
  •  Numeracy
  •  Critical evaluation
  •  Analysis of situations
  •  Problem-solving
  •  Research skills
  •  Application skills


YEAR 12:

How four different approaches in psychology explain the causes of human behaviour. These are as follows:

  •  Social Psychology: human behaviour that involves the individual’s relationships to other people, groups and society, including cultural influences on behaviour.
  •  Cognitive Psychology: how behaviour is influenced by processing information, remembering and forgetting.
  •  The Biological Approach: considers the role of the brain, nervous system and hormones in influencing our behaviour.
  •  The Learning Approach: effects of conditioning, reinforcement and punishment on the individual behaviour.


YEAR 13:

This is largely Applied Psychology; therefore students will learn how psychology can be applied to the real world. We look at three applications: Criminal OR Child, Clinical & Issues and Debates.

  •  Criminal Psychology: explanations of criminal/anti-social behaviour and approaches to treat these individuals.
  •  Child Psychology: what is the importance of developing attachments in infancy and can these early relationships influence later development
  •  Clinical Psychology: abnormal psychology, including the study of schizophrenia and phobias
  •  Issues and Debates: the study of key debates within psychology, including is psychology a science and the nature-nurture debate



Exams at the end of Year 12 and 13 consist of short-answer questions and a section of extended writing.

Throughout the two years students will learn a variety of research methods and will be required to carry out several practical exercises to illustrate the use of these methods.

Being competent in Maths is desired as students are required to complete mathematical calculations.



Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE English and Maths, along with Grade C in Science, plus ideally have a Grade B in GCSE Science and Grade A in GCSE Maths, to go within one of the below:

3 A Level subjects + General Studies: 3 Grade B in chosen subjects + 2 Grade C, including Grade B in Maths & English Language

4 A Level subjects + General Studies: 2 Grade A/A* + 2 Grade B in chosen subjects + 1 Grade C, including Grade B in Maths & English Language

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The West Bridgford School directly.

Last updated date: 12 March 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 years