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History AS/A2 at Lawrence Sheriff School

Course description

Course overview
The course centres on British, European and World
History, considering continuity and change over time
with in-depth investigations and enquiries from a range
of historical perspectives. Full details are available on the
OCR website.

Course content

You can expect to:
• Investigate historical problems through the study
of texts, written sources, visual records and film or
documentary material.
• Engage in group and class discussion on a range of
historical issues.
• Deliver seminars and presentations.
• Develop your independent research skills.
• Use your analytical and evaluative skills to produce
coherent, detailed and persuasive written and verbal
responses to specific historical tasks and issues.

Entry requirements

Grade B or above in GCSE History.



AS: 100% examination.

A2: 60% examination; 40% coursework

Future opportunities

Where does it lead?
History is a highly respected academic discipline for
university entrance and leads on to a wide variety of
career options. These include the legal profession,
journalism, the media (written and broadcast), finance,
the civil service and local government, the armed
forces, museum, archival and library services, the heritage
industry, teaching and almost any career that involves a
management capacity. History is also valuable and
interesting for its own sake and one of the best reasons
for choosing it is because you have a genuine interest
and enjoy it.

Further information

Other useful information
There are opportunities for participation in field trips
both in Britain and abroad related to the History course
and conferences provided by universities to aid
understanding, appreciation and insight into the various
aspects of historical study.
Students’ views …
“History has really improved my communication skills. I
can now put a fluent argument together in essays and
in presentations. This really helps my progress in other
A Levels.”
“I now understand the modern world so much more by
studying the past.”

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lawrence Sheriff School directly.

Last updated date: 19 November 2015
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