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Film Studies A Level at St Andrew's Catholic School

Course description

Year 12

Unit 1 : This unit focuses on the micro features of film and the construction of meaning and emotion. Understanding will be fostered through studying micro features of film: mise-en-scène, performance, cinematography, editing and sound; identifying how these construct meanings and contribute to the sensory impact of film; reflecting on individual response to micro features of film as a means of exploring the relationship between film and spectator; creating a sequence to demonstrate how micro features produce meanings and responses.

Unit 2 : This unit focuses on two key aspects of Film Studies - producers and audiences and the relationship between them and the role of macro features of film (narrative and genre) in constructing meanings. These will be studied in the context of two national cinemas – those of the UK and the USA. Critical understanding will be fostered through the interrelationship between producers and audiences, with a particular focus on aspects of the film industry and audience behaviour, narrative and genre characteristics of UK and US films; personal response to films, mediated by the study of films and their contexts.


Year 13

Unit 3 : This unit contributes to synoptic assessment and focuses on two projects related to the production of meaning: one is research-based and the other is creative. Understanding will be fostered through completing a small-scale research project designed to develop research skills within the framework of one or more critical approaches used in film studies; developing creative skills and a deepened understanding of the medium chosen for the creative project.

Unit 4 : This unit contributes to synoptic assessment. Understanding will be fostered through studying complex films from different contexts, extending knowledge of the diversity of film and its effects; exploring spectatorship issues in relation to a particular type of film; applying key concepts and critical approaches gained throughout the course to explore one film in a synoptic manner.

Entry requirements

B in English Language or Literature


  • Unit 1 Exploring Film Form (20%) 40%
  • Unit 2 British and American Film (30%) 60%
  • Unit 3 Film research and creative projects (25%) 50%
  • Unit 4 Varieties of Film Experience – Issues and Debates (25%) 50%

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Andrew's Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 03 June 2016
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