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A Level Chemistry at The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

Course description

Due to the exam board still accrediting the specifications we are unable to provide details about the exact content of the course. 

However all specifications cover the following topics/concepts:

·         Atomic Structure and the Periodic table

·         Formulae, Equations & and amounts of substance

·         Energetics

·         Introduction to Organic chemistry

·         Inorganic chemistry & the Periodic table

·         Qualitative Kinetics and equilibrium

·         Kinetics & Entropy

·         Quantitative equilibrium

·         Acid base equilibrium

·         Further Organic Chemistry  (Acids,  carbonyl compounds )

·         Spectroscopy & Chromatography

·         Redox Chemistry

·         Modern Analytical Techniques

There is no coursework element in this course, so you will be carrying out a number of CORE practicals throughout the course that cover specific skills and techniques.  Throughout the course there is strong emphasis on practical work carried out individually as well as in small groups.  Willingness to participate fully in practical work is essential.  

Entry requirements

Studied Further Science? You will need an average B grade from Further and Additional Science


Studied Core and Additional Science? You will need a B grade from Core and Additional Science, or a C grade in Core and an A grade in Additional Science.


A minimum B grade in Mathematics is required to study Chemistry.


AS Chemistry

2 written examinations:

·         each paper of 90 minute duration;

·         examination includes relevant practical skills.


A-level Chemistry

3        written examinations:

·         Paper 1 & 2 will be of 1 hour 45 min duration- examination on specified topics and  relevant practical skills;

·         Paper 3 will be of 2 hour 30 min duration- examination on all topics across the full A level specification and a large focus on knowledge and understanding of practical skills and techniques.

Future opportunities

Chemistry is one of the most useful A’ level subjects to have as it is required for degree courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry are amongst the fastest growing areas of Applied Science with Pharmaceutical companies in particular being major contributors to the U.K. economy.

There are also many new exciting careers based on the Environmental Sciences such as pollution control, toxic waste treatment and the development of improved methods of food production.  Established Chemical companies such as BP, Glaxo and ICI employ large numbers of chemistry graduates and post- graduates for research and management posts.

In addition, A level Chemistry provides you with basic skills which are beneficial in many careers such as law and accountancy.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls directly.

Last updated date: 05 June 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years