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Philosophy, Ethics and Religion A Level at Kineton High School

Course description

Philosophy is a subject that addresses the big issues – why are we here? What is the point of life? Why is there evil in the world? How does science explain the universe? Are we free to make our own decisions?

Ethics is a subject which considers the moral codes we live by – what is right and wrong? We address key questions like ‘Is it ever acceptable to kill?’ ‘Should we use fellow humans for profit?’ ‘Is civil disobedience acceptable?’ ‘Why should we buy fair trade?’ ‘Should personal justice take priority over the law?’ and ‘does “good” actually exist?’

Although the subject complements Humanities subjects and subjects within the rest of the department, like Sociology and Psychology, it also links well with all Science subjects, particularly Biology, and Physics. Many of our students have also found it helpful alongside studies in Business or English.

Course content

In Year 12 (AS / A Level year 1)

Philosophy - Plato, Aristotle, scientific explanations of the universe, Religious experience, body and soul, the Nature of God

Ethics - Natural Law, Situation Ethics, Euthanasia, Business and Environment

World Faith - Human Nature, Knowledge of God, the person of Jesus, death and the afterlife

In Year 13 (A’ Level year 2)

Philosophy - Is language useful? Are miracles real? What is reality? What is goodness?

Ethics - Do we have free will? Do we have a conscience? Should sexuality be governed by moral codes? Are ethical theories helpful when thinking about the environment?

World Faith - Gender and Religion, Equality and Justice, Liberation Theology, Religion and Politics, Separation of Church and State

The A Level course will consist of taught modules in both Philosophy and Ethics, alongside a systematic study of a religious viewpoint.

Entry requirements

In order to study Philosophy and Ethics A Level you will need to achieve 5 GCSE grades of C or above, one of which must be English, plus grade B or above in Religious Studies.


Both AS and A Level will be assessed by essay-based exams ant the end of the course. AS exams are summative and can’t be carried forward into A Level year 2.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kineton High School directly.

Last updated date: 08 February 2017
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