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PHYSICS - AS/A2 Level (OCR) at The Crypt School

Course description

1 year course offered as part of a full time study programme

Course content

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AS Level:

OCR Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Physics B (Advancing Physics) H159

Units G491 and G492 are assessed via a single examination in each with options for examination in June.

Unit G493 is assessed via a time restricted practical task, and a research task culminating in a formal presentation to assessors.

  • Unit G491: Physics in Action The main focus in this unit is on varieties of physics in action, preparing the way for more theoretical ‘curiosity driven’ material in Unit G492. This is not to say that fundamental ideas are neglected: important ideas about information are approached through imaging and signaling; basic concepts of measurement are approached through sensors, in which work the fundamental concepts of electrical circuits are encountered; the crucial problems of relating macroscopic and microscopic views of the world are approached through the study of modern materials. Fundamental understandings of the world have a place too: for example, the existence of atoms, information from astronomical images, basic structures of matter, the fact that matter is made of charged particles. It is split broadly into to two areas of study: i) Communication and ii) Designer Materials
  • Unit G492: Understanding Processes and Experimentation and Data Handling Understanding Processes - provides progression from the strong orientation towards application of Physics in Action. Understanding Processes is organised around different ways of understanding processes of change: motion in space and time, wave motion, quantum behaviour. Its focus, more than in Physics in Action, is on ‘curiosity-driven’ physics. While providing a sound foundation in the classical physics of mechanics and waves, the unit takes the story further forward, touching on the quantum probabilistic view. It is split broadly into two areas of study: i) Waves and Quantum behaviour and ii) Space, Time and Motion
  • Unit G493: Physics in Practice Throughout the Advancing Physics course candidates develop their ability to learn independently, and develop their experimental and investigational skills and their research and communication skills. There are many opportunities for formative assessment as a candidate follows the course. Candidates can see their progress through the levels in the assessment criteria. The assessment recognises the wide range of skills candidates develop during the course. i) Quality of Measurement – Practical Task and ii) Physics in Use – Research/Presentation Task

A2 Level: OCR Advanced GCE in Physics B (Advancing Physics) H559 Units G494 and G495 are assessed via a single examination in May and June. Unit G496 is assessed via a time restricted practical task, and a research task culminating in the submission of formal report on the student’s chosen topic.

  • Unit G494: Rise and Fall of the Clockwork Universe Rise and Fall of the Clockwork Universe - develops the grand conception of the world as a 'mathematical machine'. Some of its limits are also shown. Models and rules covers the core physics of random decay and the decay of the charge on a capacitor, energy and momentum, the harmonic oscillator and circular orbits. The field model is developed through consideration of gravitational fields. Matter in extremes shows how theories of matter and atoms explain behaviour: covering the kinetic theory of gases, thermal behaviour of matter and the effect of temperature. It is split broadly into two areas of study: i) Models and Rules and ii) Matter in Extremes
  • Unit G495: Field and Particle Pictures Field and Particle Pictures - introduces the modern picture of fields and particle interactions as fundamental mechanisms of nature. Fields covers ideas about electromagnetism, electric field and potential. Fundamental Particles is about atomic, nuclear and sub-nuclear structure, with attention to ionising radiation and risk. This unit also consolidates, puts together and uses physics ideas from the whole course. A number of case studies show how different aspects of the physics in the course are used to tackle problems. It is split broadly into two areas of study: i) Fields and ii) Fundamental Particles
  • Unit G496: Researching Physics There are two coursework tasks in the A2 half of the Advanced GCE course. Each provides an opportunity for candidates to work independently, choosing their own topic for study. The tasks require more time from the candidate and it is expected there will be a significant difference in the outcome in comparison with those tasks tackled in the AS course. i) Practical Investigation and ii) Research Briefing

Entry requirements

As well as the standard Crypt entry requirements a Grade B GCSE minimum (Triple Award) or AA GCSE (Double Award) plus Grade A/A* in Mathematics


AS Units 

G491 30% of AS, 15% of A2 - range of structured questions, including extended writing 1h 

G492 50% of AS, 25% of A2 - range of questions, including extended writing, one section based on advance notice material 1h 45m 

G493 20% of AS, 10% of A2 - completion of tasks: Quality of Measurement and Physics in Use, marked by teachers using criteria - 10%

A2 Units 

G494 15% of A2 – range of structured questions, including extended writing 1h 15m  G495 25% of A2 - range of questions, including extended writing, one section based on pre-released material 2h

G496 10% of A2 - completion of a Practical Investigation and a Research Briefing, marked by teachers using OCR criteria



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Future opportunities

1. Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Electrical, Mining, Nuclear, Nano, Medical, Cybernetic, Materials)

2. Physics Research

3. Finance in the city

4. Teaching/Lecturing

5. Medicine

Further information

Who should apply for the course?

Anyone who wishes to complete:-

1. Degree Courses in Physics or Engineering (including Medical Engineering and Nano Engineering)

2. Medicine (not actually required as such, but a greater percentage of students with Physics complete their course in Medicine)

3. Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship Training Schemes eg GE Aviation 4.

Ultimate Finance Positions in the city.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Crypt School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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  • Start date: Unknown
  • Duration: 1 year