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Economics A Level at Westcliff High School for Boys

Course description

Economics is about how scarce resources are most efficiently used.  Mankind's wants are unlimited but the resources with which these desires can be fulfilled are limited.   Hence choices have to be made about what is actually produced.  Economics is about the factors which ought to be considered when making these choices.   Should we continue to produce more cars?  Should the Government use taxation to encourage people to make fewer journeys?

While the above is the very heart of economics, most will be more familiar with it as the subject which considers such issues as unemployment and inflation.  What causes these and how can they be cured?  Just how much can a government control or influence a market economy?  Moreover, should it actually try to control the economy at all?

Course content

The Advanced Subsidiary Curriculum: Unit 1: Competitive Markets- How they Work and Why they Fail (90 minute examination). 50%

The first unit deals with the very heart of the subject, the operation of the price mechanism in allocating resources.   The forces of demand and supply are studied in detail and then applied to a real world context.  This includes an examination of the national minimum wage and commodity markets amongst others. 

Unit 2: Managing the Economy (90 minute examination). 50%

The second unit introduces the basic ideas of macro-economics - looking at the operation of the UK economy as a whole and the role of the Government in influencing it.  There is a detailed examination of government policy and how it is used to achieve various objectives such as low inflation and economic growth.

The A2 Curriculum: Unit 3: Business Economics and Economic Efficiency (90 minute examination). 40%

The third unit deals with the nature of competition between firms and the impact this has on the firm’s stakeholders.  The emphasis is placed on the application of economic theory to real firms investigating the impact of competition on price and profitability. 

Unit 4: The Global Economy (120 minute examination). 60% 

The fourth unit examines trends and developments in the global economy and requires the application, analysis and evaluation of economic models which might be used to deal with economic problems. Much emphasis is placed on the study of economies around the world such as Brazil, India, China as well as the UK and USA.

Entry requirements

There are no specific subject requirements although students will be expected to deal easily with number, to have an interest in contemporary economic and social issues and to be able to write with fluency and in an analytical manner.  Teaching is undertaken in a seminar fashion and it is expected that students will wish to contribute to discussions.  It is important that students read a quality daily newspaper to keep abreast of current events.  

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Westcliff High School for Boys directly.

Last updated date: 09 June 2015

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