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A Level in Geography at The Douay Martyrs School

Course description

This course will appeal to those students who:

 Have an interest in and concern for the environment.

 Are interested in current affairs.

 Enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to their own lives and experiences.

 Want the opportunity to carry out practical work outdoors as well as classwork.

 Enjoy finding out about new people, places, landscapes and events.

 Want to explore modern and current career opportunities.


Geography broadens the gap between ‘Sciences’ and ‘Art’ based subjects and therefore combines well with nearly all subjects. Taken with Sciences, Geography supports applications for range of university courses. Geography opens doors to many career opportunities (too numerous to mention) and is a well respected A-Level for Further Education Colleges and Universities applications. It also demonstrates many of the skills required in Modern Business, and is therefore well respected by prospective employers. Geography is considered one of the most "employable" subject skills to have. In other words, employers like geographers, and statistics regularly back up the fact that students with geography degrees are more likely to find employment than most other degrees!

Course content


Year 12 AS Level

Unit 1 - Global Challenges, which incorporates the following:

1. The World at Risk (Hazards and Disasters ; Patterns and Management ; Climate Change: Causes, Effects, and Solutions ; Tackling Risk and Vulnerability in different countries.

2. Going Global (Globalisation and Colonialism, including global differences and global groupings ; Migration, including causes and effects of European Migration ; Problems and Management of Megacities, such as Mumbai)

Unit 2 - Geographical Investigations. (Coastal Environments including coastal conflicts and management ; Rebranding Places including urban regeneration of London and other cities and inequalities within cities)


Year 13 A2 Level

Unit 3 - Contested Planet which includes six topics

Energy Security, Water Conflicts, Biodiversity, Superpowers, Bridging the Development Gap, Technological Fix for solving global problems

Unit 4 - Geographical Research, where students research one topic (probably hazards responses and management) and complete a report in the exam.

Included within this course there will be opportunities to attend Conferences, develop fieldwork techniques and develop many different ways to study. All lessons are uploaded to Fronter or Google Classroom for study at home and revision. The Department also has an extensive collection of suitable DVD’s and other resources including past papers, mark schemes and revision resources.

In addition, all students will have their own textbook, which links directly to the syllabus, enabling home study to complement work in class.




Entry requirements

It is not a requirement that you should have studied Geography at GCSE in order to take an AS or A-Level course in this subject, although you must fulfil the Sixth Form entry requirements. What is most important is that you should have a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in the environment and current affairs, a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate your ideas effectively. You should be keen to work conscientiously and be prepared to watch the numerous Natural History TV programmes which are on television and read quality newspapers, which have current articles on many Geographical topics.


Exam Board and Syllabus

Edexcel – AS 8GEO1, A2 9GEO1

Future opportunities

Typical careers which Geography students are qualified for, include; Traffic Management, Hazard Planner, Government Advisor on many issues, Resource Management, Surveyor, Meteorologist and Climatologist, Land Use Planner, Civil Service, Oceanographer, and many many more.


Further information

For further information contact Mr M Pearce, Head of Geography

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Douay Martyrs School directly.

Last updated date: 13 April 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year for AS, and a further 1 year for A Level