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World Development at Watford Grammar School for Girls

Course description

Awarding Body: WJEC

The World Development course was developed in response to concerns that people in the 21st Century should have an understanding of their role as global citizens, and their responsibilities towards development and sustainability. The issues covered will be part of our future: World Development is very real and relevant to today's young people and tomorrow's leaders.

AS and A2 World Development explores the social, political, economic and environmental factors that connect local, national and international communities within an increasingly interdependent world. The course undertakes an examination of the relationships between more and less developed countries, promotes understanding of global issues, sustainable development, environmental responsibility and global citizenship.

The course provides a genuine opportunity for breadth of study in the Sixth Form. The specification was designed to integrate subjects such as Geography, Politics, Economics, Business Studies, Psychology and Sociology.

The department has carefully selected topics in both the World Development and Geography courses to ensure that there is minimal overlap; in fact the two qualifications complement each other well.

Course content

AS Level

Unit 1 - 70%

Theme 1: Development, resources and global citizenship

  • Human needs and the impact on resources.
  • Environmental limits and the effect on use of resources.
  • Responsible use of resources and sustainable development.
  • Competing claims on resources.
  • Approaches to sustainable development.

Theme 2: Poverty and inequality

  • Measuring and defining poverty.
  • Addressing poverty and inequality.
  • International debt and the impact on poverty and inequality.
  • Inequality in different social groups.
  • International initiatives to raise awareness of and reduce poverty.

Examined through short structured questions, 2 on each theme.

Unit 2 - 30%

Coursework portfolio

An analysis of 3 articles based on Theme 1: 500 words each.

A comparative essay based on Theme 2: 1000 words.

A2 Course

Unit 3 - 35%

Theme 3: Perspectives of development

  • The contested and evolving concept of development Interpretations of development.
  • How the concept of development varies between groups with different values and attitudes.
  • Economic, social, political and environmental perspectives on  development.
  • Role of empowerment and participation of individuals and  communities in development.
  • The contested concept of sustainable development.

Theme 6: Social development

  • The relationship between population and resources.
  • The role of women in development.
  • The role of education and health in sustainable development.
  • The role of cultural and religious diversity in development.
  • Migration as an indicator of inequalities.

Examined through a structured resource based question and 2 essays.

Unit 4 - 15%


3000 word investigation on a research topic of your choice, based on any theme from the AS or A2 course.

Entry requirements

GCSE Grade B in any humanities subject (Geography, History, Classical Civilisation or Religious Studies) and GCSE Grade B in English Language.

Future opportunities

There is an increasing number of Development courses on offer at Higher Education institutions, either as single or joint honours degrees.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Watford Grammar School for Girls directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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