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Philosophy of Religion and Ethics A Level at Prudhoe Community High School

Course description

Year 1

Philosophy of Religion and Ethics 

  • Introduction to the Course and Paper 1
  • Arguments for the Existence of God
  • Evil and Suffering
  • Religious Experience
  • Normative Ethical Theories
  • Application of Ethical Theory

Study of Religion and Dialogues

  • Introduction to Paper 2
  • Sources of Wisdom and Authority
  • Ultimate Reality
  • Self, Death and Afterlife
  • Good Conduct and Moral Principles
  • Expressions of Religious Identity

Year 2

Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

  • Religious Language
  • Meta-Ethics
  • Free Will and Responsibility
  • Conscience
  • Bentham and Kant

Study of Religion and Dialogues

  • Hinduism, Gender and Sexuality
  • Hinduism and Science
  • Hinduism and the Challenge of Secularisation
  • Hinduism, migration and Religious Pluralism
  • The Dialogue between Hinduism and Philosophy
  • The Dialogue between Hinduism and Ethics


This is a reformed A Level course and as such, students will complete two 180 minute exams at the end of year 13. Both exams are worth 50% of their final grade. There is no coursework.

The first exam is ‘Philosophy of Religion and Ethics’. This will cover a range of classical philosophical questions, such as arguments for and against the existence of God, Evil and suffering, the nature of the self, death and the afterlife, and religious experience and authority. It will also include the major philosophical approaches to ethics and the nature of right and wrong, the concepts of free will and responsibility, sexual and gender identity, and equality and tolerance.

The second exam is ‘Study of Religion and Dialogues’, in which students will apply these wider philosophical and ethical theories to a major world religion; Hinduism, and consider how this faith tackles these issues in practise today. The dialogues section of the paper will focus on how the concepts of religion, philosophy and ethics inform and challenge one another.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Prudhoe Community High School directly.

Last updated date: 20 March 2017

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