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Sociology A Level at The Kings of Wessex Academy

Course description

The social science of Sociology is concerned with explaining the social world. It studies the institutions of societies and evaluates the impact that they have. You will develop an understanding of a number of key sociological theories and will be able to apply these to a range of different debates, from the role of the family, to why it is that some social groups are less equal than others.

Course content

Why study Sociology at A level?
Sociology will change the way that you look at the world forever. It will enable you to interrogate the world around you and you will never again quietly accept what you are told. Sociology develops your analytical and evaluative skills, and is the perfect spring board for any subject that requires these skills.

What will I study?
You will study three components at A level. Each component comprises two sections. Each component focuses on a specific sociological issue or skill and explores the differing theoretical approaches to these.

How will I learn?
The majority of lessons will involve a combination of group discussion, evaluation of contemporary events, group tasks, independent research, the use of ICT, teacherled activities, note taking and watching film/video.

Entry requirements

- Success in Sociology is heavily dependent on high quality writing skills.
- You will need at least a grade 5 in English GCSEs and at least one other ‘written’ subject.


Component 1: Socialisation, culture and identity (Introducing culture, socialisation and identity & Sociology of the Family). 30% of qualification

Component 2: Researching and understanding social inequalities (Research methods and researching social inequalities & Understanding social inequalities) 35% of qualification

Component 3: Debates in contemporary society (Globalisation and the digital social world & Sociology of Education). 35% of qualification

Future opportunities

There is a misconception that studying Sociology will only lead to a career in social work. Whilst this is one route a Sociology student might take, it is only one of many. The many skills you will develop will make you an ideal candidate for myriad careers including; journalism, law, human resources, advertising, business and industry, education, nursing and many more.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Kings of Wessex Academy directly.

Last updated date: 24 April 2017

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