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Physics A Level at Campsmount Academy

Course description

We are living in an exciting age of technological developments that mainly owe their advancements to the science of Physics.

Studying Physics to a level beyond GCSE will equip you with skills that are valuable in ALL science related careers – however, it may surprise you to hear that many employers in non-scientific areas are realising the value of a higher physics qualification – the question is, have you?

From fundamental particles: quarks and leptons to black holes and the universe, physics - as a subject – really has no equal in scale, depth and diversity. And, therefore, no wonder it’s a tough subject; but it’s worth the journey for those with a passion for learning, or those that need the subject for their future career, or for those that need a bigger challenge than they have so far encountered, or for... those that don’t know yet?

Here is a small example of the importance of physics in sport: Why was it that our cyclists in the Beijing Olympics 2008 were so successful? Yes they were supreme athletes; no question of that, but in addition to that, the cycles and equipment they enjoyed were designed and built, according to Professor Dave Brailsford, performance director, with ‘superior physics’ to that of any other nation. Interesting!

Course content

- Measurements and their errors
- Particles and radiation
- Waves
- Mechanics and materials
- Electricity
- Further mechanics and thermal physics
- Fields and their consequences
- Nuclear physics

Plus one of the following
- Astrophysics
- Medical physics
- Engineering physics
- Turning points in physics
- Electronics

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Campsmount Academy directly.

Last updated date: 11 June 2015

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