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Religious Studies - A Level at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre

Course description

New Linear A Level

Course content

Component 1:

A: Study of religion

B: Philosophy of religion

C: The dialogue between philosophy and religion

Component 2:

A: Study of religion

B: Ethics and religion

C: The dialogue between ethical studies and religion

Entry requirements

C grade or above in GCSE religious studies (if studied previously).

C grade or above in English.


100% examination

Future opportunities

Students with an A level in religious studies have progressed to degree programmes in areas such as theology, law, journalism, business studies, philosophy, and education. An A level in religious studies will be given high consideration when applying for any university course, as students develop key academic skills such as critical analysis and meet the course core requirements.

Further information

What skills do I need to develop to be successful on this course?

A successful religious studies student is able to:

• Explain a variety of religious and ethical concepts thoroughly.

• Apply concepts to real-life scenarios and historical events and appreciate the links between beliefs and practices.

• Analyse a variety of evidence from scholarly opinion and religious scripture to support their ideas.

• Critically analyse ethical guidance from philosophical scholars and religious traditions.

• Evaluate the impact and role of religious and ethical concepts on individuals and society.

• Compare and contrast the views of others to their own ideas and experiences.

• Synthesise concepts from their own experiences, religion and ethics to develop their own responses to moral, theological and philosophical questions.

What other subjects compliment A Level Religious Education?

The religious studies A level is a subject which works well in combination with all subjects. Religious studies students often study other subjects which required a similar skills base such as government and politics, English literature, history, psychology, music, modern foreign languages, sociology, and geography. Psychology is often chosen as a complementary subject to offer alternative explanations for human behaviour, beliefs and practices.

How will I be taught?

Students are taught in a department of passionate and committed staff who have an excellent record of high achievement at A level. Religious studies is an excellent source of preparation for the skills required at university. Students are given opportunities to learn through a variety of learning techniques, such as debating, team-based challenges, and independent research projects. Religious studies lessons often encourage team work and group discussions and all topics are related to current world affairs and situations relevant to the students’ lives. Students are supported and prepared for the examinations through regular examination practice questions and workshops designed to enable students to improve and refine their essay writing skills.

What extra-curricular opportunities are there?

Master classes.

RE conferences.

RE Club to work with Key Stage 3 and 4 students.

Student Testimonial, why study A Level Religious Studies?

I believe that RE is a very interesting subject where we explore different perspectives of historical figures on ethics. We also look at different religions and scholarly interpretations of on them. It is a fantastic subject and it is very gripping which makes it easier to learn because you can become really interested in it. I enjoy learning about what may drive us to make the decisions that we do and what influences us. It will help me in the future because understanding religion and ethics will provide the key skills that will be required for what I want to study at university. Adil Iqbal I chose RS because I was interested and inclined to learn more about religion and ethics. Also, it would help me towards studying theology and philosophy at university. I find the subject very practical, as in ethics you get to talk about scenarios where you can decide the moral course of action. So, if you are interested in RS waste no time in choosing it! Mohammad Tayub I chose to do RS A level as I find it interesting to find out what other people believe. I enjoyed the GCSE and I wanted to further my knowledge. The fact we will study new concepts like ethics appealed to me as this is completely different to my other subjects. Hannah Shioleftou

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lordswood Sixth Form Centre directly.

Last updated date: 23 November 2015
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