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Economics and Business Studies A level **FEES PAYABLE** at Blackheath High School

Course description

Why is 'Innocent Drinks' so successful?  To answer this question we need to find out about the three founders of the business, where they got their idea from, how they financed the business and how they persuaded people to buy their smoothies.  Why is Cadbury such a successful international business selling its products in over 100 countries?  Trading internationally is very different from operating in just Britain.  Why are businesses concerned about the rate of inflation, the level of interest rates and the value of the pound against the euro and dollar?  These all affect the competitiveness of businesses.  Do we pay too much tax to the government?  Government economic policies affect us as consumers, workers and producers.

These are all questions that this course will address.  The course combines two subjects: finding out how the Business world functions within the economy while Economics attempts to explain how people and businesses behave.  You will learn new concepts and theories - these will be illustrated using relevant, interesting and topical examples.  A variety of approaches will be used including case studies, video, internet, group working, note taking and presentations.

You will develop a number of skills.  These include applying concepts and theories, selecting and organising information, interpreting data, analysing and evaluating information.  This course uses an investigative approach - for example you will choose businesses to find out strategies they use for being successful.  You could find out why Ryanair is able to charge such low fares or how fast fashion has made H&M, Top Shop and Zara so popular.

Course content

AS unit 1: Developing New Business Ideas

This unit covers the characteristics students would need to develop to be successful in business and how new or existing businesses generate their product or service ideas and test them through market research.  Students will investigate the competition in the market; the economic climate; how businesses are financed and how profit is measured.

AS unit 2: Business Economics

This unit considers the market that the business may be operating in; how competition in the market and macroeconomic change is likely to affect it and how businesses can seek to minimise uncertainty through their actions.

A2 unit 3: International Business

This unit examines the world of international business and the issues which a country trading internationally has to consider.

A2 unit 4: The Wider Economic Environment and Business

This unit investigates why certain markets fail; how government decision making affects the economy and markets in which companies operate, and the income and welfare of private individuals.  Students will learn to assess why government policy can succeed or fail and why regulation of some markets is necessary.

Future opportunities

Economics and Business is a suitable subject to complement design, languages, mathematics, science or arts subjects.  At university, Economics or Business Studies can be studied as a single subject or in many combinations ranging from languages through to mathematics.

Career opportunities are wide-ranging: financial work, sales, marketing and buying, computing, management including personnel, civil service and local government.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Blackheath High School directly.

Last updated date: 24 August 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September