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Physical Education *Fees Payable* at Birkdale School

Course description

Physical Education is the interdisciplinary study of physical activity, human movement and athletic performance. This course explores many aspects of anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, sports injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, psychology, biomechanics and socio-cultural issues within sport and physical education. Most elements of learning take place within the classroom although students are engaged in an interactive style of teaching that enables a more applied understanding of the subject. Within the course there are practical components which focus on sports performance, coaching and officiating. The multi-faceted content of the course develops a breadth of understanding and forms the foundations for further study and/or vocational pathways within teaching, coaching, sports development, the leisure industry, primary health care and sports medicine. The course is academically challenging but offers students interested in physical education and sport the chance to widen their skills and knowledge across a spectrum of sub-disciplines and through a range of teaching and learning styles.

Course content



AS Examination - Unit 1 - Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Written examination: 2hour paper 60% of AS, 30% of A level marks.

Unit 2 - Analysis and evaluation of physical activity as a performer and/or in an adopted role/s. Practical Unit - Internally Assessed 40% of AS marks with external moderation 20% of A level marks.

Entry requirements



 Students must be involved in sport through regular club and/or extra-curricular participation. To succeed at AS and A-level Physical Education, students must have sound academic credentials together with a strong sporting background and regularly participate at a high standard in at least one sport in the capacity of either performer; coach; officiator or a combination of these roles. 





Overall students will be assessed by a combination of coursework (40%) and written examinations (60%).

Future opportunities


Sport, physical education, health and fitness are all huge growth areas that provide a natural vocational progression. Indirectly the course can lead to a variety of career pathways. All students develop good written and verbal communication skills through the medium of the lesson structure and the nature of assessment. Many of the inter-personal skills that are acquired on the course can be transferred to other academic or career areas. A plethora of higher education courses exist that offer students the opportunity to enhance and develop their knowledge further.

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 04 November 2015

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