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Geography A-Level at The Chalfonts Community College

Course description

What is this course about?

This AS/2 course is designed to build on the firm foundations covered at GCSE. It provides a natural progression, taking an enquiry approach to learning and highlighting the links between people and the environment in a realistic and relevant way. You will develop a variety of skills including decision making, analysis, fieldwork and independent research which will be invaluable to your future academic study or career.

Course content

What will I do on this course and how will I be assessed?

The course is linear and uses a variety of assessment styles including resource based structured questions, issues analysis questions and data response.

Year 12, AS Level:

Unit 1

Physical and Human Geography (70% of AS, 35% of A2) A 2 hour written exam comprising of structured short and extended questions. You will study Energy Issues, Population Change, Rivers, Floods and Management and Coastal Environments. There will be a field study undertaken of a river environment to support this Unit.

Unit 2

Geographical Skills (30% of AS, 15% of A2) A 1 hour written exam testing your geographical skills including fieldwork. The content is based on the core topics covered in Unit 1 – Rivers and Population. You will be assessed on your investigatative, cartographic, graphical, ICT and statistical skills. The fieldwork element will assess you on a river environment that you will undertake at Nettlecombe in Exmoor.

Year 13, A2 Level:

Unit 3

Contemporary Geographical Issues (30% of A2) A 2 hour 30 minute written exam of structured short and extended questions plus an essay. You will study Plate Tectonics and associated hazards as well as World Cities and Weather and Climate. Through the study of Unit 3, students will develop a range of moral, ethical, social and cultural issues.

Unit 4B

Geographical Issue Evaluation – (20% of A2) A 1 hour 30 minute written exam of structured short and extended questions based on an Advance Information Booklet released 2 months prior to the exam. The content can be from any aspect of the A Level course

Entry requirements

What do I need to get on to this course?

Do you know what is going on in the world today? Are you dedicated? Are you enthusiastic, determined and wanting to achieve success? Are you expecting at least a grade ‘B’ at GCSE? Then Geography is the course for you, a modern and evolving subject that explores the challenges and issues facing the world today.

Future opportunities

What can I expect to gain from this course and where could it lead?

An enthusiastic and dynamic teaching team will deliver exciting and stimulating lessons. If you are prepared to work hard, you will achieve success. Geography is a subject which is valued by both universities and employers. It will enable you to develop a variety of transferable skills. Think seriously about developing your interest in this dynamic subject.

This course will develop your key skills including ICT, numeracy, literacy and decision making. It will provide you with an excellent grounding which both universities and employers value and look for. It can provide a platform to move onto a multitude of career paths and further education courses.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Chalfonts Community College directly.

Last updated date: 12 June 2015

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