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Art & Design A Level * FEES PAYABLE* at Felsted School

Course description

There is a huge difference between
someone who studies Art and someone
who practises Art. To compare it to a
different skill like gardening, you have
RHS specialists and someone who enjoys
gardening. Studying Art will provide a
similar level of expertise. In addition there
are the soft skills which are developed and
honed, such as precision, accuracy and
patience, which could support a budding
scientist for example. As such it
complements many subjects such as
Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
Independent study is a major part of
studying Fine Art. A student chooses to
study Art rather than simply ‘doing’ Art.
There is a world of difference. A minimum
of four hours per week of independent
study is required, of which at least 50%
can be in the Art Department using
equipment, with teacher support.
However, independent study in Art is
mostly about awareness and curiosity. It is
a living and breathing subject and we
would hope each student is constantly
relating their Art to the world and the
world to their Art.


Course content

See above.

Entry requirements

There are no previous requirements
needed to study Art at AS or A2 but it is
very helpful if the student has some
artistic ability and an open mind. Drawing
has been returned to its rightful place in
the Assessment process from 2015.
Curiosity and a willingness to read are
also recommended for the higher grades
at this level.


AS Level
Unit 1: Course work
(personal study) 50%
Unit 2: Examination 50%
A Level
This Level introduces the Critical
Written Communication element,
intended to allow the student to
demonstrate that they understand
what they are doing.
Unit 3: Coursework
(communication and context) 60%
Unit 4: Examination 40%

Future opportunities

These days universities will often accept
Art as one of three A Levels. However why
stop at three? Art as one of four is very
feasible if the student has the right
approach. In the 21st century employers
are looking for the soft skills to
accompany paper qualifications. Art has
never been more relevant.
A typical Sixth Form student studies three
or four subjects. Art on its own will not
normally lead to a successful career but as
part of a package there is no limit to how
far it can contribute. We have had former
pupils attend Oxford, Cambridge,
Durham, St Andrews, Edinburgh and
other top universities in the UK, Europe
and the US.
In the last 25 years the Art
Department has produced an England
Cricketer, a Vicar, several Doctors,
Architects, Designers, very successful
Businessmen and women, a TV Director,
University Professors, Art Historians,
Teachers, Soldiers and Artists.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Felsted School directly.

Last updated date: 08 June 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years


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    • **FEES PAYABLE**

      Please ensure that you understand that course fees will be payable before submitting your application.