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Mathematics A Level at Nailsea School

Course description

Year 12

  • Pure Mathematics - Proof, Algebra & Functions, Co-ordinate Geometry Sequences & Series, Trigonometry, Exponentials & Logarithms, Differentiation & Integration, Vectors
  • Statistics - Statistical Sampling, Data Presentation & Interpretation, Probability, Statistical Distributions, Statistical Hypothesis Testing
  • Mechanics - Quantities and Units, Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s Laws.

Year 13

  • Pure Mathematics - development and extension of Year 12 topics
  • Statistics - development and extension of Year 12 topics
  • Mechanics - development and extension of Year 12 topics

Entry requirements

You must be a good mathematician, with grade 7 or above at GCSE level. If you are in set one in Year 11 it is likely that this course will suit you.

Algebraic fluency is a priority, as are strong organisational and time management skills. Most importantly you must enjoy maths!

You may be considered for this course if you have a grade 6 at GCSE level and your algebraic manipulation is strong. You will have to complete a pack of work over the summer and will be given a short test in one of your first lessons in September. This is to ensure that you start the course with a strong foundation and therefore go on to be successful.

Entry to the Sixth Form is not automatic, but depends on:

Achieving 5 grade 4s or above for entry to level 3 courses and meeting the individual entry requirements of your chosen Level 3 courses.


Examination: 100%

Awarding Body: Edexcel

Future opportunities

Maths is essential for many degree courses besides a Mathematics degree and is desirable for many more. These include Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, Geography, Economics, and Psychology.

Maths also supports many other courses and careers, for example accountancy, actuarial work, banking, computing, MORSE, management.

Whatever employment or further education is pursued, Maths AS/A2 is highly respected and research suggests that people with A-level Mathematics may earn up to a third more per annum than those who don’t have it!

Further information

Student Profile

Attended Nailsea School from 2002 - 2010

I finished my Maths A-Level in 2010 (along side Physics, Chemistry and AS-Levels in Further Maths and History.) Since then I’ve been studying Physics at Oxford. I’m currently un-dertaking a Master’s project in which I’m mapping and analysing the reflected light from Jupiter’s moons in the hope that I can contribute to the knowledge of their chemi-cal composition, structure and history.

I can’t say strongly enough how much I found Nailsea an excellent place to study Maths. It was the teachers that turned me from a reluctant mathematician to someone who actively derives pleasure from the subject. When I started my A-Levels, not only were the classes easy and enjoyable to learn from, I was encouraged and supported when I chose to take Further Maths modules different to the ones everyone else was taking.

I didn’t take to maths naturally at first, I used to be one of those bores that asked the tedious and irritating question ‘what’s the point of maths?’ I’ve since come to appreciate and enjoy maths both for its own sake and because more than any other subject (along with Physics), it trains the mind to problem solve; a skill desired in almost all workplaces. I probably won’t end up in a job in which I directly use any Physics or Maths, but I’m certain that the brain I’ll use was shaped by studying these subjects.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Nailsea School directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2017

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years