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Music Technology at Townley Grammar School

Course description

Your grade at GCSE is not necessarily a clear indicator for aptitude at AS or A Level. This is why we require a brief audition for course suitability. Keyboard skills are required. A pass at G5 theory and G4 on voice or instrument desirable.

Course content

AS / A Level

It should be noted that A level Music Technology is due for curriculum change starting in 2017. The draft proposals from different boards have yet to be set in stone, and with that in mind we cannot confirm what the exact breakdown of papers and skills will be.

With that said, we have always aimed - and will continue to aim - to develop well rounded music technologists with a balance of skills in the main aspects of music technology: studio production skills (including sequencing, recording, synthesis, editing, mixing and mastering), creative composition, practical and live sound engineering skills (set up, mixing), analysing and listening skills.

As a general guideline, students will be expected to:

• have the keyboard skills necessary to sequence successfully

• learn and apply studio production skills, including:

  • programming tracks using MIDI and sequencing
  • recording voice and acoustic and electric instruments using close-micing and direct-injection techniques
  • utilising additive and subtractive synthesis to sculpt textures and timbres
  • editing audio and sequenced material to maximise production quality
  • mixing a track to create a balanced, slick and pleasing soundstage
  • mastering the output in order to create a polished, high-quality production on a par with professional studios

• learn to compose stylistically, according to a brief and using appropriate studio effects and techniques

• learn how to set up and engineer live PA sound

• learn how to analyse music from the perspective of a studio engineer, in terms of:

  • instrumentation and timbres
  • recording and micing techniques, including microphone selection and placement, overdubbing and multi-tracking
  • dynamic processing
  • studio effects
  • stylistic features

We are very proud of our Music Technology offering, and particularly of our students who have gone on to a wide range of related courses and careers, including Music Production, Composition, Music for Media, Music Performing, Music Management and many more.

Entry requirements

B in GCSE Music plus audition

A student must have achieved both of the following:

  • A minimum of 7 full course A* - C grade GCSEs including English and Maths
  • An average (mean) point score of 45 or above taking only full course GCSEs into consideration

Future opportunities

Music (performing, composing and analysis), Music Production

Careers: Performing, Arts Administration, Events Management, Teaching, Copyright Law, Music Therapy, Army musician, Promotion Management, Agent, Broadcaster, Sound/Acoustic Design, Sound Engineer, Music Journalist, Venue Management, Publishing, Tour Management, Directing, Distribution, Film Scoring/Composing.

Further information

Auditions will take place on Saturday 21st January 2017. You should prepare a piece to perform unaccompanied. There will also be a piano exercise (do not worry if you do not play piano, it is just to check that you can work things out on a keyboard) and can read Music in treble and bass clefs, a brief aural and sight-reading test.

A range of entry requirements depending on institution. Degree courses are usually 280-300 UCAS points, some require a B grade in Music Technology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Townley Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 31 October 2016
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