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Sociology at St Peter's Catholic School and Specialist Science College

Course description


The AS Sociology course provides a broad introduction to the discipline of Sociology; the scientific study of the individual in society.   Knowledge, understanding, skills of interpretation and critical evaluation  are built upon in the A2 course which studies the main theories, perspectives and different methodologies in depth, applying them to the real world. 

Course content


AS Units:

SCLY 1: Families and Households= 40% of the AS grade

SCLY 2: Education and Sociological Methods= 60% of the AS grade

A2 Units:

SCLY  3 Beliefs in Society: = 20% of total A2 grade

SCLY 4= Crime and Deviance /Sociological Methods =30% of total A2 grade.

These units, together with the AS units, make up the 4 units required for the full award in A-level Sociology. The course is assessed wholly through examination.

Entry requirements


Entry Requirements

Sociology is a very demanding A-level, and success in this subject will rely heavily on a commitment to reading around the subject, especially up to date data from the Media, a real genuine interest in social issues, a high level of organisation, and independent study.

Due to the nature of the course being assessed solely through examinations which are essay based, students are required to have a B in GCSE English Language as a minimum entry requirement. 

Having studied Sociology  at GCSE is an initial advantage, but is not necessary in order to study Sociology  at A-level.




AS examinations are taken in May/June of the academic year, whilst the A2 SCLY 4 exam is  taken in January of year 13, and the SCLY 3 A2 exam is taken in May/June of year 13.

Future opportunities


Future opportunities

·         Degree in Social Science

·         Degree in Social Work

·         Joint honour degrees with Law, Business ,Psychology.

·         Education- teaching/ lecturing

·         Social Work

·         Nursing

·         Police Force/Probationary work

·         Human Resources in Business

·         Governmental Research

There are many opportunities open to students with an A-level in Sociology due to the range of skills developed throughout the course; students will develop essay writing skills, skills of scientific enquiry and data handling.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Peter's Catholic School and Specialist Science College directly.

Last updated date: 09 January 2015
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