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English Language at Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College

Course description

Who would suit or enjoy the course? Students who want to understand and enjoy the English language in all of its forms and styles will enjoy this course. If you love to write then this subject is for you. Students who enjoy focusing more on shorter non-literary texts from a wide range of areas, both spoken and written.

Students who enjoy GCSE English Language and GCSE Media Studies.

What is the structure of the modules and methods of assessment?

Students will study the following modules in AS:

Categorising Texts: This unit covers the introductory aspects of the study of language, using a variety of texts for the basis of this study. In addition it focuses on three specific social contexts: Language and Power, Language and Gender and Language and Technology. (Examination)

Creating Texts: In this unit candidates are encouraged to develop their own writing skills, producing writing in different genres for different audiences and purposes. (Coursework) A2 Examination: The specification explores two specific theoretical areas:

Language Acquisition (how babies acquire language) and Language Change (how language has evolved over time). A2 Language Investigation: Students choose their own data and investigate a specific area of language which interests them—a focused, personal, technical linguistic study. What skills are needed/involved: Students will have to demonstrate the following skills:

* Exploring and understanding spoken and written language in use. Text extracts will be taken from everyday sources – students will study texts as diverse as a casual conversation between friends, a transcript from a court of law, a Facebook status or a comic strip! All types of language are valid and worthy of study.

* Students will consider the purposes, audiences and contexts of these texts and the impact of these pressures upon the language used.

* Students will develop their personal writing expertise through individual coursework: writing to entertain, to persuade, to inform or to instruct. Two very different pieces, with varied target audiences, will be written, stemming from the students’ own interests and passions.

* Coursework will demonstrate the following: the use of register and style; characteristics of genres and sub-genres; the impact of language choices; the purposes and skills of planning, drafting and redrafting; the use of primary sources and of clear referencing of these materials; skills associated with analysing and reviewing the writing process.

* At A2, skills will involve: data collection methodology, analysis and interpretation of data using appropriate linguistic methods and techniques, reaching evaluative conclusions. Where can this subject lead me to in the future? Students who excel at English go on to take up careers in a very wide range of areas, like Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising, Teaching and the Law.

Entry requirements

5A*-C GCSEs with minimum B in subject of choice

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 03 June 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years