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Italian - A Level at Bristol Brunel Academy

Course description

Italy: a country of food; art; love; beautiful language, intriguing (and at times mad) politics; contradictions; football; and much more. Deepen your linguistic and cultural knowledge through A-level Italian!

Course content

Year 1
  • Speaking: Show your ability to converse in Italian on a chosen topic area in an 8-10 minute exam. 
  • Understanding and written response paper: 2.5 hour listening and reading and a writing paper including an essay on a given title.
Year 2
  • Speaking: students demonstrate their spoken skill by presenting and taking a stance on any issue of their choice in an 11-13 minute exam. 
  • Research, understanding and written response: 2.5 hour exam with a choice of a discursive or creative essay, translation into Italian, and a research-based essay linked to an element of culture/society which is of interest to them.


Entry requirements

Grade B in Italian

Minimum Academic Standard for Progression into Y13

Entry into Y13 is not automatic in CLF Post 16.

The majority of students will continue into Y13 dependent on the entry criteria for courses as outlined below:

For A levels, all students must attain a minimum academic standard of passing all subjects with at least two D grades for successful progression in to Y13.

Supportive statements from subject teachers confirming suitability for continued study at A level. Following receipt of AS results, students who have met the entry requirements will be offered a place in Y13.

Students who do not meet the entry requirements into Y13 will be given guidance about a change of study programme and relevant courses available. They will not be allowed to re-sit the same core learning aims (i.e. subjects) as they did in Y12.


Speaking exam conducted internally but all externally marked.

Future opportunities


BA degree in Modern Languages; combined courses such as Italian with Politics; Italian with International Management; with History of Art.


Journalist; interpreter; publisher; teacher; translator; tour guide; diplomat; banker; buyer.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bristol Brunel Academy directly.

Last updated date: 29 April 2015

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