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French A and AS Level at William Howard School

Course description

If you enjoy communicating with other people, finding out how language works and learning about different countries and cultures, studying A level French is an excellent choice for you.

You will learn to understand a lot more French when you hear it or read it and be able to say and write a lot more in French.

There are many reasons for taking this A level course:

  • You will be able to share your interests, ideas and opinions with other people who speak French.
  • You will learn about the countries where French is spoken and get a lot more out of a visit there.
  • You will add an international dimension to your choice of A level subjects, which is something many future employers and higher education providers look for.
  • You will learn many skills which are useful in a wide range of future careers, such as the ability to communicate clearly, being confident about speaking in public, using problem-solving strategies, etc.
  • You will create greater opportunities for yourself to work abroad, or for companies in the UK with international links. Many employers look for people who speak a foreign language.

Course content

1. Social Issues and trends:

Aspects of French-speaking society: current trends

  • The changing nature of family (La famille en voie de changement)
  • The “cyber- society” (La «cyber –société »)
  • The place of voluntary work (Le role du bénévolat)

Aspects of French-speaking society: current issues

  • Positive features of a diverse society (Les aspects positifs d’une société diverse
  • Life for the marginalised (Quelle vie pour les marginalisés ?)
  • How criminals are treated (Comment on traite les criminels)

2. Political and artistic culture

Artistic culture in the French-speaking world

  • A culture proud of its heritage (Une culture fière de son patrimoine)
  • Contemporary francophone music (La musique francophone contemporaine)
  • Cinema : the 7th art form (Cinéma: le septième art)

Aspects of political life in the French-speaking world

  • Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment (Les ados, le droit de vote et l’engagement politique)
  • Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power ? (Manifestations, grèves – à qui le pouvoir?)
  • Politics and immigration (La politique et l’immigration)

During the course, you will study a book and a film.


AS Assessment

Paper 1:   Listening, Reading and Writing Test   40%

Paper 2:   Writing   30%

Paper 3:   Speaking   30%

A Level Assessment

Paper 1:    Listening, Reading and Writing Test   40%

Paper 2:    Writing   30%

Paper 3:    Speaking    30%

Future opportunities

People with language skills and knowledge are highly thought of in the modern world. They stand out as talented and successful people, with broad and exciting horizons!

Taking AS/A level French means you will:

  • have much more fun when travelling to a French speaking country
  • add an extra dimension to your personal skills profile which will impress anyone who reads your CV
  • be in a stronger position to get a job in companies with international links or to work abroad.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact William Howard School directly.

Last updated date: 06 October 2016
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